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Inside NIRMA - Spring March 2018 Issue


YOU CAN DO THAT WITH MICROFILM? New technology provides easier, faster and affordable scanning solution to access microfilmed information By Matt Anderson, Vice President of Marketing, ST Imaging dvancements in microfilm scanning equipment are helping shape the way professional record managers access their microfilm records. Users of older, antiquated reader/printers are in a constant struggle of balancing the requirements of file retention with the advancement of the digital age. Now, in the time it would take someone to look up a single document, that individual can now scan an entire roll of microfilm and store it for fast, future retrieval. In-House Conversion While converting old microfilm to new digital files has been available for many years, the cost or concern over security has not allowed many organizations to convert their microfilm archives. This forces record managers of nuclear plants to use decades old reader/printer technology, many of which are in need of repair or are unrepairable because of a shortage of parts. The new FlexView from nextScan allows for secure, in-house conversion from a desktop device. Recognizing this dilemma, nextScan determined that the record managers needed a solution that not only delivered production level image quality and processing results, but was affordable and within a simple easy-to-use platform. With the new FlexView roll film scanner, the scanning process is easy. The operator loads the film spool onto the scanner, similar to the way of loading the film on a reader/ printer. Once the film is loaded, the scanning process can begin. nextScan’s proprietary LuminTec Stroboscopic LED light line technology freezes the motion of the film and creates archival quality images while allowing for a top speed of over 300 pages per minute (PPM). The line scan camera ensures not a pixel is missed while the entire roll is captured electronically. This LED strobing light has never been offered on an affordable desktop scanner. The compact design, similar to ST Imaging’s ViewScan 4, makes it the perfect size to fit comfortably on a desktop. Viewing Your Electronic Documents A roll of microfilm has been converted to a digital file, now what? A simple retrieval method is required to accelerate the file lookup process. Developed specifically for microfilm, See nextScan on page 16. FlexView Roll Film Scanner 8 Spring 2018 Inside NIRMA

From the President am excited about my new role as NIRMA president and looking forward to working with each of you. I would like to introduce the 2018 Board of Directors: Janice Hoerber, Vice President Lona Smith, Secretary Anita Beren, Director of Infrastructure Rebecca Wessman, Director of Technical Programs Our 2018 Business Unit directors are: Chris Boudreaux, RIMBU Sheila Percy, Membership and Marketing Tammy Cutts, Professional Development. 2018 is bringing additional organizational changes for NIRMA as well. You may have noticed that our newly elected Treasurer, Denise, is not listed with the introduction of our 2018 Board. Denise has resigned from the NIRMA Board. Denise felt that due to her increased work scope with her current employer she could not effectively dedicate the time necessary to adequately fill the NIRMA position. Thank you Denise for your time and contributions to NIRMA. We wish you the best in your new assignments. The board considered several options of how best to fill this Board vacancy. The Board is pleased to announce the resolution achieved during the Face-to-Face February board meeting. Anita has graciously accepted the vacant Treasurer position. Anita’s Director of Infrastructure duties will be split between the Treasurer and Secretary, Lona. Anita will continue to be the Board Sponsor for PDBU and Vendor Program. Lona will be the Board Sponsor for the M&M Business Unit and the Secretary responsibilities. This coverage aligns with the NIRMA By-Laws, Article 7: Article 7 Officers SECTION 1. DESIGNATION OF OFFICERS The Officers of the corporation shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The corporation may also have one or more Vice Presidents, Assistant Secretaries, Assistant Treasurers, and other such Officers with such titles as may be determined from time to time by the Board. An individual may only hold one office at a time. Cathy Lang our publicist for the past 25 years has resigned. Please join me in extending a warm thank you and show of appreciation for her years of service and dedication to NIRMA. Cathy has played an integral role in NIRMA and will be missed. I would like to introduce and welcome Neal and Sandy Miller of Devereaux Consulting, Inc. to the Michelle Smith NIRMA team. The Millers have accepted the role of NIRMA Publication Specialist Team. As publication specialists, Neal and Sandy will create, edit and publish our Inside NIRMA magazine, which will now be distributed electronically three times per year. We have an exciting year ahead of us with many opportunities for the membership to work together to ensure that 2018 is a successful year for NIRMA. The Spring RIMBU meeting, hosted by South Texas Project, was held on March 6-7, 2018, in Sugar Land, Texas at the Hilton Garden Inn. Laura Williams of American Nuclear Insurers (ANI) presented on Decommissioning and she will be presenting at the NIRMA Conference. The following are key reminders that each of us can contribute so that we will help ensure our success in 2018. Distinguished Recognition Each year the NIRMA Board solicits the membership to identify those individuals who have demonstrated leadership and dedication to the Association. If you have someone that you would like to nominate for recognition this year, please submit your nominations to any Board member or Sarah Perkins, NIRMA Administrator at LinkedIn or Facebook or Monthly Emails Sheila welcomes ideas and suggestions for updates to LinkedIn or Facebook and the monthly emails. If you learn something or have read something that is of interest to our members, please communicate this information to Membership & Marketing (M&M). We need everyone’s help to keep current with what is happening. Sheila’s contact is 2018 Call for Nominations If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, contact Cedric Jones at or Shana House at 2018 Conference If you would like to present or you want someone else to present, please contact Janice right away. The conference planning is underway. Likewise if you have ideas and suggestions, Janice would love to hear from you. Contact Janice at Inside NIRMA Spring 2018 9