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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Niu Coconuts Big and

Niu Coconuts Big and green Fills your throat up with delight Coconuts are sweet and delicious Coconut trees Some high and some low You can make a house from the trunk There are a lot of things you can make with Niu Niu Niu grow by the beach and sometimes inland. The trunk of the tree can bend. Coconut trees can be brown green and it can be short or tall it can be smooth and rough. Coconut trees can be used in many ways. one of the uses is to make coconut oil. Some people use coconut oil to make their hair soft and shiny by Andrei by Stanley

Niu Winter it hates For leaves die, Got to say to the yummy recipe Bye-bye. The recipe invites Niu Niu is coconut, Make a desert Call haupia, but… Pia you’ll love sweet Pia’s the one, Yummy and could cure You want a ton?! by Danish Noni Used for medicine and dye thick oval shape deep veined short stem less than ten feet tall small white flowers fruit grows all year round by Anela

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