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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Noni Noni Indian

Noni Noni Indian Mulberry Hog Apple or Wild Pine grows in shady forests near mountains and streams used for medicines and dyes juice from noni can remove head lice and uku’s it can also fight cancer Noni Grows throughout Hawaii it is used for medicine and its juice is relaxing and has big leaves It is a mulberry plant and the fruit has little holes and taste not good And the fruit is tan it is also kind of hard and noni looks like no other plant by Gregory by Jayvie

ʻOhiʻa ʻAi ‘Ohi’a ‘Ai grows in shaded valleys white fruits turn red in the summer when they’re ready to eat. People plant mountain apple trees. the trunk looks like a star. The mountain apple tree is about fifty feet high. Mountain apple a delicious snack to eat. by Steven ʻOhiʻa ʻAi mountain apple so yummy to eat grows in shady valley mountain apple from the mountain from shady valley mountain apples are red when ready to eat Hawaiians smash the leaf to grind medicine to heal people by Ivan

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