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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Uhi by Allie Uhi Grows

Uhi by Allie Uhi Grows in valleys, in the wet valleys loves to climb on trees and poles with long vines of their own Farmers put rocks in the holes so their roots don’t grow too long The uhi needs water,sun ,soil,and air so they can stay healthy and strong The Uhi is brown and it grows under ground people plant them in bins so it is easy to dig up by Annika

Uhi Yam like sweet potatoes grow in wet valleys and garden bins made of dead fern trunks. Vines grow sideways and climb on trees and poles. Villagers love to eat them. Can yams be used for poi? ʻUlu Bread fruit grows in kula island Between uka and kai. The plant is Polynesian, not Thai. Feels like sandpaper, Not an alligator. Used for food. Don’t steal, that’s rude. Grows from trees, Not underground It will be found. ‘ulu is great. Did you know it’s our bait? by Queences by Sam

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