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Fah Thai Magazine Jul-Aug 2018

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HAPPENINGS MYANMAR YANGON SPOTLIGHT Contemporarily Unique To experience unique Asian fusion taste in Yangon, visit Sofaer & Co. They offer all-day dining combined with coffee and variety of cocktails to enjoy in an open kitchen setting. Local and international dishes get prepared with local ingredients from all over Myanmar, and many of their signature dishes use modern culinary techniques. But the attraction isn’t just the food as Sofaer & Co’s beautifully preserved building retains most of the original features, including the classic encaustic Victorian-era tiles from Manchester, steel beams from Lancashire and wood panels from possibly the era of the Vienna Café and Burma Book Club. It harmonises contemporary design with the original features, locally designed furniture with signature Burmese rattan weaving, locally commissioned artwork and reclaimed glassware from Nagar Glass Factory. Find its location in downtown Yangon surrounded by amazing historical buildings on the lower Pansodan Road. A nice walk around the block after a great meal is also recommended.,, +95 9448 333 499 “HLA DAY” ‘Hla Day’ means ‘beautiful’ in Burmese, and a remarkable handicrafts shop in the heart of Yangon carries the same name. To get to Hla Day, climb up a steep flight of stairs to find a colourful and vibrant souvenir shop, with lots of handmade artistic gifts with a contemporary twist. Full of unique Myanmar styles, decorative accessories, household design ideas and clothes, you can easily spend an hour in the shop. Many of the home decorations come with the touch of local art and culture that will inspire your inner interior designer, including quirky papier mâché animals and a variety of handmade silver jewellery with reasonable prices. But what makes the store even more interesting is that Hla Day is run by a non-profit social enterprise. These quality handmade products are designed and developed closely together with Myanmar artisans and many disadvantaged groups. Hla Day also provides skills development and training and creative design input in supporting the livelihoods of the people making the products, while locally sourcing all materials. It’s s place where you can surely find something to impress your friends and family and at the same time, do yourself proud for having shopped here., hladaymyanmar, +95 9452 241 465 TAUNGBYONE SPIRIT FESTIVAL This popular celebration takes place during the rainy season to appease the nats, or local spirits. It is believed that the nats can make wishes come true and bring wealth and success to their worshippers, protecting them against illness and danger. The festival goes on for numerous days, and is the biggest celebration of its kind in Myanmar. Worshippers pay their respects two revered brother nats and they are the reason people come to the nat festival is to make wishes to the spirit brothers. When their wish is granted they come back here to offer more flowers again. In nat worship, suffering is caused by a variety of spirits that are prone to mischief — so instead of waiting for the next life, nat worshipers may attempt a cure for their suffering in this life — by making offerings to nat spirits. Most pilgrims to the Taungbyone Nat Festival make a wish for success in business. 112