2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A Wildland Firefighting Gloves, Veridian<br />

The Veridian Wildland Fire Glove is flame, heat, cut, and puncture<br />

resistant, and made from 3.5-4oz cowhide suede leather that is highly<br />

dexterous. Made in the USA. Black leather palm on glove wear surface;<br />

glove back in gold leather 4” long double layer knit Kevlar wristlet with<br />

leather pull patch on palm side with great wet or dry grip. Meets current<br />

NFPA 1977-2016 standard on protective clothing and equipment for<br />

wildland fire fighting. (0.450 lbs)<br />

100-91008. ................<br />

Med -XL. ........$49.95<br />

B Squall II FR Glove Liners, True North<br />

These innovative and comfortable seamless knit gloves offer great<br />

moisture management when worn under your primary work gloves or<br />

when worn as a stand-alone. They are constructed to manage moisture<br />

to keep your hands dry and warm. These new lightweight gloves feature<br />

tactile finger-tip grips and offer maximum dexterity with a bulk-free fit to<br />

get the job done. Squall II gloves are inherently FR, meets current NFPA<br />

70E standards for electricity safety in the workplace. Cat 1 arc rating.<br />

Sizes Small - 2XL. (0.100 lbs)<br />

153-94538. ................$25.95<br />

C Work Glove - Leather, Fleece Lined & Elastic Back,<br />

Southern Glove<br />

A/B industrial grade Grain cowhide leather, Red fleece lined, Keystone<br />

thumb-provides greater dexterity and comfort, Shirred elastic back and<br />

color sizing band. Specify S-2XL. (0.35 lbs)<br />

100-81019. ................$9.95<br />

A<br />

C<br />

B<br />

D<br />

D GI Nomex ® Flight Gloves<br />

Nomex ® Flight glove ensures a slim fit while riding higher up on the arm<br />

for added protection. Nomex ® back with leather palm. Sage Green only.<br />

Specify 7 (XS), 8 (S), 9 (M), 10 (L) or 11 (XL). (0.150 lbs)<br />

100-65001. ................$26.95<br />

E Glove Wildland Firefighter Leather Cal OSHA<br />

Meets California OSHA standards, section 3410. The glove is made<br />

from split cowhide and is unlined. Specify S-XL. (0.550 lbs)<br />

100-80051 S-L. .............$27.95<br />

XL ..............$29.95<br />

F Forest Worker Gloves<br />

Designed for more comfort including a wrap-around index finger that<br />

eliminates a seam. 100% leather construction. Specify S-XL. (0.450 lbs)<br />

100-80001. ................$27.95<br />

E<br />

F<br />

G Leather Driver Gloves - Pull Strap<br />

Driver style provides excellent dexterity and abrasion resistance.<br />

Regular grade with pull strap. Specify XS- XL. (0.300 lbs)<br />

100-79001. ................$9.00<br />

G<br />

H<br />

I<br />

H Leather Driver Gloves - Elastic Back<br />

Driver style provides excellent dexterity and abrasion resistance. Elastic<br />

back. Specify S-XL. (0.200 lbs)<br />

100-79101. ................$10.00<br />

I Pig-Skin Driver Gloves<br />

More porous than cowhide, pigskin will return to its original pliability<br />

even after being soaked in liquid. Elastic back. Specify S-XL. (0.250 lbs)<br />

100-79201. ................$7.50<br />



K<br />

J Tiger Glove and Utility Clip, Chums ®<br />

Secures your gloves and additional PPE or accessories with attached<br />

clip. 5 lb limit. Specify Green or Black. (0.100 lbs)<br />

100-20004. ................$9.99<br />

J<br />

K Glove Holder, The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong><br />

Made of our custom designed, flame logo webbing that is backed with<br />

Velcro ® . Hang gloves anywhere using the sturdy S-Biner. (0.010 lbs)<br />

105-45502. ................$9.95<br />

The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong><br />

supplycache.com<br />


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