2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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For generations, alongside the US Forest Service,<br />

artists and writers have shaped the story of Smokey<br />

Bear. Help us carry on this legacy and celebrate the<br />

75th anniversary of Smokey Bear with our one of a<br />

kind collection. For every Smokey Bear product sold<br />

we donate 10% to the US Forest Service for Wildfire<br />

Prevention Education.<br />

A<br />

A Yours to Enjoy Cap Smokey Bear,<br />

The Landmark Project<br />

A timely reminder from Smokey Bear - the forest is ours to enjoy, not to<br />

destroy. Tan cordury. One Size Fits Most. (0.18 lbs)<br />

320-60119 ................$30.00<br />

B Only You Cap (Loden), The Landmark Project<br />

Broadcast Smokey Bear’s call to prevent wildfires everywhere you go<br />

with The Landmark Project Forest Service hat. Green cordury. One<br />

Size Fits Most. (0.02 lbs)<br />

320-60319. ................$30.00<br />

C Only You Bandana, The Landmark Project<br />

Continue the Smokey Bear legacy with The Landmark Project “Only<br />

You” bandana. Its heritage print declares a reminder that we’re all<br />

responsible for protecting our forests. (0.08 lbs)<br />

350-61119 ................$15.00<br />

D Protect our Forests Bandana, The Landmark Project<br />

On your next adventure outdoors, bring a reminder to cherish not<br />

destroy with The Landmark Project Protect Our Forests bandana,<br />

featuring Smokey Bear and his call to protect our forests. A great gift.<br />

(0.08 lbs)<br />

350-61219 ................$15.00<br />

C<br />

E<br />

B<br />

D<br />

E Stay Vigilant-Smokey Bear Sticker, The Landmark<br />

Project<br />

Smokey Bear is a cherished icon of wildfire prevention. The Landmark<br />

Project Stay Vigilant sticker inspires everyone to heed his call to prevent<br />

forest fires and stay vigilant in guarding our forests. (0.01 lbs)<br />

350-65319 ................$3.00<br />

F<br />

F I Love You Smokey-Smokey Bear Sticker, The<br />

Landmark Project<br />

Smokey Bear loves you too for buying this sticker and putting it on your<br />

favorite water bottle or rear windshield. Because when you do, 10%<br />

goes back to help promote Wildfire Prevention Education. It’s more than<br />

just a rad sticker, it’s a way to protect our public lands. (0.01 lbs)<br />

350-65419 ................$3.00<br />

H<br />

G Enamelware Mug (13 OZ) - Smokey Bear,<br />

The Landmark Project<br />

Take the message of Smokey Bear out to the wild. This 13 oz. enamel<br />

mug, which features a revised design of classic Smokey, is perfect<br />

for your outdoor adventures (including safe fire practices, of course).<br />

Specify Single or Set of 2. (0.46lbs) or (0.92 lbs)<br />

350-65111 Single 13 oz. .....$20.00<br />

Set of 2 Mugs. ....$32.00<br />

G<br />

H Smokey Bear Prevent Wildfires Poster,<br />

The Landmark Project<br />

Celebrate nearly 75 years of vigilance with The Landmark Project<br />

Prevent Wildfires Poster. Each poster is printed on archival cotton paper<br />

that won’t fade or yellow so you can encourage and educate others for<br />

years to come. Shipped flat w/backerboard & plastic sleeve.<br />

Specify size Small or Large. (0.460 lbs)<br />

350-66119 Small 12”x16”. ....$24.00<br />

Large 18”x24”. . . . $48.00<br />

The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong><br />

supplycache.com<br />


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