2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A Multi Function LED Headlamp (NSB 4610B),<br />

NightStick<br />

This multi-function headlamp features a multi-position tilt head<br />

design and includes an elastic head strap with a non-slip lining. The<br />

top mounted dual switches provide high/low-brightness spotlight for<br />

distance illumination and white/red/green floodlight operation for<br />

illuminating objects that are close by. 3 AAA batteries (included).<br />

(0.30 lbs)<br />

800-85108. ................$34.95<br />

A<br />

B Multi Function Low Profile LED Headlamp (NSP<br />

4614B), NightStick<br />

Designed specifically to work on hard hats with a flip-up face shield<br />

allowing the user to work without having to remove the headlamp when<br />

raising or lowering their face shield. Features a multi-position tilt head<br />

design. Both the spotlight and the floodlight on the 4614 use CREE ®<br />

LEDs and an advanced (TIR) Total Internal Reflection set of lenses<br />

designed to optimize lumen output and beam pattern. The spotlight<br />

and the floodlight are both rated at 150 Lumen and 75 Lumens in low.<br />

Front mounted dual switches for spotlight, floodlight, and Dual-Light<br />

for maximum lighting, versatility and user safety. Includes a heavy-duty<br />

rubber head strap for use on a hard hat, and a non-slip elastic head<br />

strap. 3 AAA batteries (included). (0.45 lbs)<br />

800-85208. ................$30.95<br />

B<br />

C<br />

C Color Correcting Headlamp (2750CC), Pelican<br />

Common LEDs with a low CRI (~70 Color Rendering Index) can distort<br />

the way an object appears, making it difficult to distinguish between<br />

colors and compromise your work. Our new Correct Color flashlights<br />

are engineered with a higher CRI (90+ Color Rendering Index), giving<br />

you the performance of an LED while allowing you to see color more<br />

accurately in your work environment. Up to 63m Beam Distance. Up to<br />

183 Lumens. 2 Modes: High/Low. 3 AAA batteries (included). (0.32 lbs)<br />

800-66709. ................$32.95<br />

D SNAP Industrial Headlamp, Princeton Tec<br />

The SNAP is a one stop tool for any of your lighting needs: headlamp,<br />

helmet light, safety flasher, lantern and magnetic area light.<br />

SNAP’s head unit is removable from the headlamp bracket for handheld<br />

operation and use with the included accessories, snapping into place<br />

with a strong magnet. Simple to use: a large, easy to find button on the<br />

head unit turns the versatile spot beam on, dims it and switches over to<br />

flash mode. (0.64 lbs)<br />

800-73419. ................$49.99<br />

D<br />

E<br />

E EOS Headlamp, Princeton Tec ®<br />

130 lumens brightness and flash mode. Burn time 60h max. IPX7<br />

waterproof. 3 AAA batteries (included). (0.350 lbs)<br />

800-71101. ................$46.99<br />

F Vizz Headlamp, Princeton Tec ®<br />

250 lumens. One Maxbright LED creates a powerful spot beam for<br />

long-throw illumination, a pair of white Ultrabright LEDs deliver a<br />

dimmable flood beam, and two red Ultrabright LEDs handle close-range<br />

lighting while preserving night adjusted vision. 3 AAA Alkaline batteries<br />

(included). (0.30 lbs)<br />

800-71204. ................$52.99<br />

The <strong>Supply</strong> <strong>Cache</strong><br />

F<br />

supplycache.com<br />


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