2019 Supply Cache Master Catalog

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A Blizzard Wizard Foam Nozzles, Mercedes Textiles<br />

Class A Foam Nozzles with unusually long reach-of-stream (up to 75<br />

feet). This is possible due to a patented turbulence system that uses a<br />

much smaller amount of water pressure to make foam. (0.025 lbs)<br />

851-21001 3/4” GHT 11GPM. ..$29.00<br />

1.5” NH 23GPM. ...$62.00<br />

1.5” NH 34GPM. ...$62.00<br />

B Aspirating Attachment, Madd Dog<br />

.Aspirating attachment is constructed of pressure injected polymer<br />

resins which make it economical, lightweight, and incredibly rugged.<br />

Even with the nozzle attached, the Madd Dog is still less than 8 inches<br />

long making it easy to store. The Madd Dog can be used with a variety<br />

of fire nozzles. (0.500 lbs)<br />

859-22301. ................$144.95<br />

D<br />

B<br />

E<br />

C<br />

A<br />

C Class A Phos-Chek ® 12” Foam Stick, ICL<br />

The Phos-Chek ® SOLID Class A foam stick is sized for use with the<br />

Foam Gun Proportioner. Simply insert the stick into the proportioner.<br />

As water passes from the pump through the applicator, the stick will<br />

dissolve into the water flow providing a quick and easy low expansion<br />

foam solution with excellent wetting ability. Specify case of 24 or single<br />

stick. (0.500 / 13.000 lbs)<br />

870-73105 Single ..........$ 26.99<br />

Case 24. ........$642.99<br />

D Class A WD881 Foam, Phos-Chek ®<br />

Specifically formulated to make water more effective. The unique<br />

combination of surfactants significantly reduces water’s surface<br />

tension, creates a superior foam blanket when mixed with air that<br />

surrounds fuels with a thick layer of water, creates a barrier between<br />

the fuel and the fire, allows firefighters to see application areas. 4 oz<br />

bottles are designed for use with 5 gallon backpack pumps. For more<br />

information, visit our website and download the Phos-Chek ® WD 881<br />

Class A foam product brochure. Specify 4 oz bottle, Case of 36, or 5<br />

gallon bucket.<br />

870-73281 4 oz bottle (0.300 lbs). ......... $ 3.29<br />

Case of 36 bottles (11.350 lbs) ... $111.99<br />

870-73001 5 gallons (45.250 lbs). ..........$128.99<br />

* Due to weight, additional shipping charges apply to this product.<br />

F<br />

E Class A-Polar Eco Foam, FireIce<br />

5 Gallon Polar EcoFoam (Class A) is effective on a broad range of<br />

WUI, Wildland and Class A fire applications, including where cold-water<br />

mixing of Class A foam is required. Biodegradable and non-hazardous,<br />

FireIce Polar EcoFoam is free of flourinated surfactants.<br />

870-74058 5 gallons (45.250 lbs). ..............$108.95<br />

* Due to weight, additional shipping charges apply to this product.<br />

F Wheel Chock<br />

Constructed of recycled rubber, this chock is strong, safe, and resistant<br />

to the elements. Features eye bolt for chain attachment. Chock will not<br />

damage tires and meets OSHA requirements for parked trucks and<br />

trailers. Black. 10 L x 8 W x 6” H. Sold individually. (9.000 lbs)<br />

880-10004 .................$25.00<br />

G Squall Wall, Scotty ®<br />

Easy-to-use device that creates a thin wall of water to help cool and<br />

protect structures. Simply attach the Squall Wall to a water supply hose<br />

end, secure the fitting to the ground using a spike or two and start the<br />

flow of water. The Squall Wall can create a wall of water up to 40 feet<br />

wide and 20 feet high. 1.5” NH. Specify 15 or 30 GPM. (0.250 lbs)<br />

859-32004. ................$14.00<br />

G<br />

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