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is 900 mcg RAE. Depending on the form,

this Daily Value is equivalent to

any one of these:

Animal-based, preformed vitamin A

3,000 IU from food or supplements

Plant-based vitamin A

6,000 IU beta-carotene from supplements

18,000 IU beta-carotene from food

36,000 IU alpha-carotene or

beta-cryptoxanthin from food

Safe Limits for Vitamin A

To avoid toxicity, the government has set

a tolerable upper limit of 3,000 mcg RAE,

or 10,000 IU daily, but this applies only

to the preformed, animal-based form. No

upper limit has been set for plant-based

vitamin A, because excess amounts in the

body are excreted and therefore don’t

become toxic.

How to Choose Vitamin A


In real life, we get a combination of

vitamin-A forms from foods. Supplements

can contain one or more forms. There

is a transition period for the new

measurement system, so you’re likely

to see some products using RAE and

other using IU during the next year or so.

Unless you’re under the care of a

health professional who recommends

higher doses, it’s best for men to aim for

about 100 percent of the Daily Value as

the total from all supplements and food.

For women, the daily recommended










of Life

RAW Antioxidants

amount is 700 RAE: 77 percent of the

Daily Value. If you routinely eat liver, you

may not need vitamin A supplements, as a

3-oz. serving of beef liver contains more

than 4 times the Daily Value.

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