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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI

Recommendations We

Recommendations We recommended that strong disciplinary action be taken against Dean Enrique Rodriguez and Dean Bert Yaged and that appropriate disciplinary action be taken against Principal Lee McCaskill. We further recommended that superintendents and principals be given a clear instruction to call the police rather than conduct their own internal investigations of serious criminal activity at their schools. While we noted that the Chancellor’s directive of June 2000 was an important step forward, the events at Brooklyn Tech demonstrated that it was not enough, standing alone, to eradicate the problem. In addition, we urged the BOE and other government agencies to review the use of disciplinary investigations when serious crimes are involved. Disciplinary proceedings should be secondary to a successful criminal prosecution of charges, like the armed robberies that occurred at Brooklyn Tech. Results After the release of our report, Rodriguez received a letter of reprimand from Principal McCaskill and a rating of “unsatisfactory.” He resigned effective January 31, 2001. Yaged agreed to sign a letter prepared by the Brooklyn Superintendent’s office that stated that his term as dean would not be renewed. Principal McCaskill also received a letter of reprimand. An Investigation into the Failure of School Officials at IS 278K and MS 180Q to Report Allegations of Sexual Abuse An investigation conducted by this office substantiated that school officials at two middle schools failed to report serious allegations of sexual abuse of at least eight female students. In both cases, parents ultimately reported the abuse to the police, who arrested a total of thirteen male students, charging them with Sexual Abuse in the 1 st Degree. 44

IS 278, Brooklyn On a hot and humid Friday, hundreds of students at IS 278 in Brooklyn spent the entire day in “extended recess” in the schoolyard, because a religious holiday and the opportunity for a four-day weekend following “Brooklyn-Queens Day” had resulted in 35 teachers taking the day off. Principal Michael Quigley failed to find substitutes, forcing the cancellation of numerous classes. The sultry weather inevitably drew students to a sprinkler system in an adjacent park, where mayhem ensued. Groups of boys sexually assaulted at least seven girls, most of them 12-year-olds, in a series of attacks near the sprinkler. Boys threw girls into the sprinklers and tried to undress them; they yanked off blouses, bras, and skirts, groping the girls’ breasts and vaginal areas. Many of the girls reported the attacks to Dean Daniel Landberg, and teachers Frank DiFranco and Vincenzo Montalbano also heard of the assault. The seriousness of the crimes was obvious: girls were soaked and terrified, their clothes ripped, and one girl’s glasses were broken. Yet neither Quigley, Landberg, nor the other teachers reported the crimes to the police. They simply directed the girls to the auditorium to write statements. Furthermore, parents who learned of the attacks and confronted Quigley, Landberg, and others about why the police were not called were told that the school was conducting its own investigation. School officials refused to call law enforcement officials. When the parents continued to insist that the police be notified, they were told that they could not use school phones or even remain in the school building. The parents then left the school and called the police. Officers responded and ultimately arrested and charged six boys with 1 st Degree Sexual Abuse. MS 180, Queens Less than two weeks later, another 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a group of boys in the schoolyard at MS 180 in Queens. The boys held the girl upside down with her hands held together while they groped her breasts and buttocks and tried to get her clothes off. The victim and other witnesses tried to tell Dean Carey Wittman what happened. Wittman, who was busy “preparing for graduation,” told the girls to write out statements, but did not read the statements until the next day. Fortunately, the 45

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