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Grade 4 Science The

Grade 4 Science The Grade 4s are enjoying their first experience of Natural Science as a subject. Having learnt that scientists carry out experiments to find the answers to questions about the world, the boys have had the opportunity to carry out their own experiments. They have learnt how a rocket works, grown their own plants from seeds, revived yeast and made plants from recycling materials. These experiments have certainly generated plenty of interest and we definitely have some budding scientists in the making! By Erica Kinnear Design and Technology Grade 4 boys worked in the Design and Technology lab for the first time this year. They enjoyed designing and constructing rockets using the design process. Their rockets were launched using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda as rocket fuel. They also learnt the safety rules and procedures in the lab and how to use the various hand tools. By Shanitha Ramsurwaj Dean Davis’ Rocket Project We’ve always wondered what goes on at the DT lab and this year we got a chance find out for ourselves when we got the opportunity to experience life within the lab for the very first time. This was an awesome experience! We handled some pretty dangerous tools, but in a safe way. We first had to learn the safety rules in the lab and how to use the various hand tools. This term we had the fun task of designing and constructing rockets. We felt like NASA engineers as we worked painstakingly to design rockets capable of lifting off the ground, going as high as possible into the air and then land safely using parachutes. I built my rocket in stages, first starting with the nose cone, then the fins which I then attached to the main part of the rocket, and then the body, which was made of a plastic bottle. We used a variety of materials in the construction of the rocket and finished off our rockets using different colours. Our rockets were powered by a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, which react violently to create the thrust our rockets needed to lift off the ground. I loved building my rocket and it was lots of fun! The Ridge School 12 Horizons

Grade 5 The Grade 5s have had an energetic and exciting start to the year. There is never a day that goes by that the Grade 5s don’t encounter something unique and different in their educational journey. Some highlights this term include: • Treasure hunting like archaeologists to find out about Ancient Egyptian gods • Sitting next to Valley road and gathering statistics about the cars that drive past • Designing posters, pamphlets and movies on iPads about various topics • Building spaceships out of 3D shapes • Building Mars Rovers out of recyclable materials We look forward to continuing our exciting Grade 5 adventures in Term 2. By Anton Pretorius The Ridge School 13 Horizons

Visiting Day Term 1 2016/17 Derek Smith