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Sport Canoeing The Ridge

Sport Canoeing The Ridge has seen a transformation of the old “Kayaking Club” into a fully fledged “Canoeing Team” in 2018. It has been a whirlwind start for this new summer sport. The 50 plus boys from Grade 4 to Grade 7 have embarked on an exciting new sporting journey. The team has already participated in three Gauteng Schools League races this year, which have been held at Wemmer Pan, Victoria Lake and Roodeplaat. These races typically take place on a Sunday, and consist of a Long Distance race, 2km for the U10 and U12 boys and 5km for the U14s, as well as 500m, 200m and 100m sprint races. U12 1. Nicholas Faure 2. James Stapylton-Smith 3. Joseph Rosmarin 4. Ryan Herold 5. Alexander Hutton U14 1. Leo Lund 2. Nico du Preez 3. William Mills 4. Tsibisi Phalafala 5. Sean Ruwodo 6. Luke MacKinnon We look forward to seeing the Canoeing Team grow from strength to strength. By Daniel McLachlan The boys have worked really hard at improving their paddling skills, and have benefitted hugely from the technical expertise of the head coach from Dabulamanzi, Attila Atrovicz, an Olympic medalist from Hungary, who recently moved up to Johannesburg after coaching for many years down in Pietermaritzburg. We have already achieved some podium positions with both Nick Faure and James Stayplton-Smith collecting bronze medals for various events in their U12 category. The boys have shown tremendous discipline and commitment to their training, and one of my highlights of the week is getting on the water with the Grade 6 & 7 boys during their extra early morning sessions on a Tuesday and Wednesday at Emmarentia Dam. We wrapped up the sprint races for the season with the SA Schools event that took place from Friday 6th until Sunday 8th of April at Roodeplaat Dam. The Ridge had eleven boys representing their school at this annual national event. The boys who represented The Ridge were: The Ridge School 18 Horizons

Sport Climbing When Ridge boys are asked “why climbing?”, many respond with words such as fun, challenging, rewarding, invigorating and the sense of danger. Climbing really is an activity that keeps you on the edge and sends your heart racing. Aside from giving you a full body workout, climbing helps to improve memory, boost creativity and even wake your brain up with the same effect as drinking a cup of coffee. Climbing has now been approved as an official Olympic sport and will feature in the 2020 Olympics for the very first time. Climbing at the Ridge takes place on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Boys that are interested are coached on a Monday and Wednesday by coaches Jarred van Rooyen and Nic Botha. The Tuesday climbing session takes place at CityROCK and is attended by the more advanced climbers. The Ridge boys participate in indoor climbing. There are different types, such as bouldering, top rope and lead. Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short climbs over a crash pad (called a bouldering mat) so that a fall will not result in serious injury. The first boulder competition took place on Friday the 23rd of March at CityROCK Johannesburg. The following boys participated in the competition: Alexander Hutton, Joshua Borner, Ryan Herold,William Hayton, Alexander Booysen, Guilio Cianfanelli, Davrin Gillot, Luke Camera, Warrick Bradford, Oliver Hutton,, Chris Allen, Jude Pretorius, Leruo Chikapa-Phiri and Sizwe Sibotshiwe. 2nd Place: Ryan Herold 3rd Place: Luke Camera and Davrin Gillot U 10 Division 1st Place: Oliver Hutton Special mention goes to Zachary Hutton for attaining second position in the U6 division. Jude Pretorius I started climbing two months ago and I love it because I’ve had fun learning all the things about climbing and I also have fun with the coaches. I have learnt a lot about climbing including how to tie a rethreaded figure-of-eight, how to gear-up, and how to belay. I think the coaches are nice; they can be a bit stern, but at the end of the day they are very encouraging, and cool. The first competition I went to was nerve-wracking and scary but afterwards I felt proud to have done it. Alexander Hutton I started climbing in Grade 4 and fell in love with the wall. As a little boy I would climb on to everything- trees, walls, roofs, so it came naturally to me. I started to learn all the techniques and started entering competitions. Something about climbing would just fill me with adrenaline and make me want to climb more and more. Now in Grade 6, climbing became one of my main sports and I still love being on the wall and challenging myself with harder climbs. Congratulations to the following boys for receiving medals: U 12 Division: 1st Place: Alex Hutton The Ridge School 19 Horizons