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FAIR Linexpo broke

FAIR Linexpo broke visitor records in 2018 The world’s fourth largest production capacity of the underwear industry’s most important fairs, Linexpo 2018 held on 8-9-10 February a2018 by TİGSAD, ÇSD and IFM Fair The grand opening of the exhibition took place on Feb 8 at 11:00 am, featuring top model Deniz Akkaya. In LINEXPO 2018, lingerie, pyjamas, beach wear and socks will be exhibited by more than 150 exhibitor companies. One of the most important fashion events in Turkey showcasing lingerie, nightgowns, morning gowns, pyjamas, hosiery, t-shirts, shorts, training suits, tights and sub-industry accessories and setting fashion trends in lingerie for the upcoming 2 years ... LINEXPO is organized by TIGSAD- one of the reputable textile associations in Turkey- and IFM Fuarcilik. LINEXPO, a lingerie exhibition originating from Istanbul and addressing the entire world, is organized only once a year. LINEXPO is organized with the aim of increasing global sectorial awareness and increasing the business volume of our country holding the leading position in textile. One of the most important fashion events in Turkey showcasing lingerie, nightgowns, morning gowns, pyjamas, hosiery, t-shirts, shorts, training suits, tights and sub-industry accessories and setting fashion! Celebrating its 14th anniversary, our Association continues its operations with enthusiasm and passion and acts as voice of the sector, its door opening to the rest of the world and centre for solving the problems. On this occasion, I would like to express my appreciation to the deputy chairman and members of the board working hard for the success of our efforts and our esteemed members providing full support to us. Undoubtedly, our lingerie sector having the biggest fourth production capacity in the world will always need a promotional event reflecting with its power... LINEXPO Istanbul Lingerie and Hosiery Exhibition will be organized at Istanbul Exhibition Centre IFM across Yesilkoy Ataturk Airport on 08-10 February 2018 with the strong support provided by our sector. We are confident that LINEXPO will be even more successful than the previous ones thanks to the promotional activities carried out in the target markets, announcements made and events organized through various channels. Embracing the design as the most important driving force in achieving added value, our contest aimed at discovering new designers for our sector will be organized for the fourth time on May, concurrently with Istanbul Fashion Week... We continue with our efforts towards achieving mental and physical unity in investment, production, marketing and education... 82 Mart / Nisan 2018

Dündar Socks: “Need more promotion for international visitors” Dündar Topcu, CEO, Dündar Socks, which was founded in 1978, a popular company, in his statement on Linexpo 2018, said: “We participated in Linexpo - Lingerie and Hosiery Exhibition Istanbul for the second time. Fairs were very important in the years when communication network between people did not develop so much. But now I think that this opinion has lost value. Participation in fairs for Dündar Socks only increases brand awareness. In other words, it never makes a big contribution in terms of sales.” Berrak Textile: “Linexpo 2018 was outstanding for us” Bekir Dag, Berrak Textile, which offers close to 700 products in the sector since 1996, in his statement on Linexpo 2018 - Lingerie and Hosiery Exhibition Istanbul, said: “Linexpo 2018 was outstanding for us. For us, the trade fair Linexpo is also an important mainstay in our brand communication and will certainly remain so in the years to come. I can say that we saw very good footfall from Eastern countries and Arab geography but the Balkans and Europe was low but the quality of the visitors to our stand was good.” Dore: “Need more European visitors” Founded in 1960, Dore offers its %60 share of its total production capacity for domestic market and %40 for abroad. In his statement on Linexpo 2018, Erol Tigli, Sales Manager, said that the fair needs more European visitors. Operating in in women’s, girl’s and baby’s hosiery World, Dore participetasn in the fairs for years. In general, our expectations were exceeded. However, visitors from Arab countries were more. Mart / Nisan 2018 83

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