THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

The Gospel Magazine. 533

Jesus meets every case, and supplies every need. The gracious King

reveals Himself also in the galleries of Worship. In His own complex

Person the Lord Jesus is the true Temple, the meeting place of God

and man, because He is the God-man. Not only so, the Lord Jesus is

likewise Himself the true object of the believer's worship, because He

is God, and because the Father can only be approached in Him. Out

of Christ, our God is a consuming fire.

In Gospel galleries the dear Redeemer reveals Himself with pierced

hands outstretched to welcome all who come unto Him labouring and

heavy laden, needing and seeking the rest He alone can give.

The gallery of Communion is the banqueting house, where the

Beloved admits loving souls into fellowship with Himself, and bends

His willing ear to listen to their" tales of woe," while His voice speaks

peace to their troubled hearts. Here He satisfies longing souls with

assurances of His favour, and grants them token of His love. Often

the King is held in the galleries of the Ordinances of His house, and

comes down in the preaching of the Word "like rain upon the mown

grass, and as showers that water the earth" (Ps. lxxii. 6), in reviving,

renewing, and refreshing grace. In the Lord's Supper He presents His

own flesh and blood as food for faith to humble partakers; when they

richly enjoy the King's" feast of fat things." Thus," the King is

held in the galleries."

Bath. E. C.


(Written during a storm at sea by Richard Kempenfelt, Rear-Admiral

of the. Blue, who went down in the " Royal George" when she foundered

at Sp~thead on Thursday, 29th of August, 1782.)

HARK! 'tis the trump of God

Sounds through the realms abroad,

" Time is no more! "

Horrors invest the skies,

Graves burst, and myriads rise;

Nature in agonies

Yields up her store.

Changed in a moment's space

Lo ! all the affrighted race

Shriek and despair:

Now they attempt to fly

Dread immortality,

And eye their misery

• Dreadfullynear.

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