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THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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have presented to us a lesson that ought never to be forgotten; and it

is this, that it is only as we are upheld that any of us can stand; that

there is no inherent power in angel, or in man as he came forth from

the hand of God, to keep him from falling. It seems to teach the

Church of God this lesson. that it is only as we stand in Christ that we

can stand for one mome~t. The reason why the angels did not fall

was, because God kept them; it was because they were" elect angels."

The reason why Adam fell was, because he stood in his own independent


I believe there is nothing perfect but what receives its completion

from Christ. I believe that man, as he came out from the hand of God,

was incapable of standing; and the first blast of temptation was too

mnch for him. Now, there is a lesson here for everyone of us to learn.

Do not let the Christian suppose that because he is a child of privilege,

born of the Holy Ghost, an heir of heaven, that therefore all this is

sufficient of itself to keep him from the temptations of Satan. Let

him learn that all his strength is in the Lord Jesus; that he must

receive all his supplies out of the fulness that is in Christ. The very

moment the child of God imagines that it is the work in him that is to

keep him, at that moment he i.~ in danger. When the child of God is

living upon the fulness t):lat is in the Lord Jesus, when he learns to

apprehend what is the real work of the Holy Ghost, that it is His office

to testify of Christ-to take of the things of Christ, and to show them

to the soul; when he thus rightly apprehends the work of the Holy

Ghost, he is safe. When he thinks that it is the work of the Holy

Ghost to make him independently holy, he is in danger. This is an

error which is working its way very subtlely in the present day. There

are books written, and there is teaching abroad, that would lead the

believer to imagine that he can be raised above temptation. You

remember what one said who knew a great deal about temptation­

" the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of

God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me."

So much as to the weakness of Adam.

The next point we have to consider is the sin of Adam-his transgression

of the law of God. God gave Adam a law, and just such a law

as he pleased. All the clever, reasoning men of the Neologian school

look upon this as a kind of fable or allegory. But, brethren, we would

have you remember, that however insignificant the matter may appear

to be, concerning which the command was given, it was God who gave

it. The sin which this man committed was disobedience to the law

of God. It is in this way that temptation comes to the Lord's people.

They are led away from the simple letter of the Word; they hear from

the lips of their fellow-men that which tends to draw them away from

the Lord; and they listen to the lie of the devil rather than to the truth

of God. This was Adam's sin, he departed from the plain declaration

of the Lord: so that that which we would deem to be the greatest act of

rebellion of which man can be guilty, is trampling upon the truth

of the Lord. And do not imagine that we mean by trampling on the

commands.of God, being disobedient to those commands which tell

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