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THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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sleeps has His ears open to his prayer at any hour of the night!

Full of thrilling interest, too, is the record of that stormy night when

the disciples were on the sea, 'toiling in rowing.' The wind being

contrary, they knew not that Jesus was alone on the land' praying.'

But about the' fourth watch of the night' He came to them on

the sea, and calmed at once both the storm without and the fears

within, saying unto them, 'It is 1.' "

.As we know, and it is a cheering truth, the darkness of

nature hides nothing from our God. To Him the night shineth

as the day. "He giveth songs in the night"-and prayers also.

How many illustrations of night prayer the Holy Spirit has recorded

in the Word! "Samuel cried to the Lord all the night" (1 Sam.

xv. 11-1'6). Nehemiah prayed for Israel day and night" (Neh.

i. 6). David prayed and watered his couch with tears (Ps.

vi. 1-6). The Bride sought the Lord" by night" upon her bed

(Song iii. 1). Isaiah said, "With my soul have I desired Thee

in the night" (Isa. xxvi. 9). Jeremiah longed to weep day and

night for his people (Jer. ix. 1, Lam. n. 18, 19). Moses fell down

before the Lord "forty days and forty nights" (Deut. ix. 25).

But notably Jesus Himself prayed by night, even "continued

all mght in prayer to God" (Luke vi. 12). and, as has been specially

noted, "What a night of prayer was His last night before He

suffered! first in the supper-chamber (John xvii), and then in

Gethsemane" (Luke xxi. 40-45). One cannot name Gethsemane

and Jesus in prayer, without remembering that plaintively precious

composition of dear Joseph Hart's;-

"JESUS, while He dwelt below,

As Divine historians say,

To a place would often go ;

Near to Kedron's brook it lay;

In this place He loved to be,


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