THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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THE recent Sale of Work on behalf of the Society, at 93, Grove Lane,

Camberwell, proved very successful. The ladies worked earnestly

and perseveringly, and their efforts resulted in a substantial sum

being handed to the Treasurer. Mrs. James Jones desires heartily

to thank one and all who kindly supported her in this service, and

by gifts or purchases aided the cause of the Lord's aged poor.

Generous hospitality has been given to the inmates of our homes

by several friends, and the visits paid were enjoyed by the guests

and their kind hosts. The Annual Reunion Meeting at the Hornsey

Rise Asylum was largely attended; upwards of thirty aged ones

came over from Camberwell. The day was fine, and all appreciated

the welcome given by their northern friends. After tea, a brief meeting

was held, presided over by the Treasurer, Mr. A. Hayles. Addresses

were given by the Rev. W. Sinden and others.

General Sir William Stirling has kindly promised to preside over

the twenty-sixth Anniversary Meeting of the Brighton Home, in the

Royal Pavilion, on Tuesday afternoon, October 10th. The ladies

will hold a Sale of Work during the day, and it is hoped that a large

attendance of Sussex friends and visitors will cheer the Committee

on this occasion. Receipt books are now ready in connection with

the Million Shilling Fund, commemorative of the approaching Centenary

of the Society. If every reader would send for a book of twenty

receipts, returning £1 during the next few months, an immense boon

would be conferred upon the Institution. With 1600 pensioners,

and an expenditure of £14,000 per annum, additional help is greatly

needed. Centenary Leaflets can be supplied. In simple dependence upon

the loving-kindness of ourfaithful Covenant-keeping God, the Committee

believe that the hearts and hands of His people will be moved to respond

to this appeal, and thus strengthen a Society which, for 98 years,

has worked upon the basis of Protestant and Scriptural truth, and

which is still conducted on the clear and distinctive foundation expressed

in its trust deeds.

A MAN'S freewill cannot even cure him of the toothache, and yet he

madly thinks it is in his power to cure his soul !-Toplady.

ALL that are chosen are veflsels of mercy; all that are regenerate are

patterns of mercy; all that are saved are monuments of mercy; and

the work of heaven is to sing the loud praises of God's mercy.-Mason.

THE law shall never be my doomster, by Christ's grace; I shall

find a sure enough doom in the Gospel to humble and cast me down.

There cannot be a more humble soul than a believer. It is no pride

in a drowning man to catch hold of a rock.-S. Rutherford.

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