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" And Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord

God amongst the trees of the garden."-GENEsls ill. 8.

AD AM was a public character; he was the federal head of the whole

human family, and in this point of view his history is most interesting.

But this is not our main subject upon this occasion; we shall, however,

just touch upon it. There could be nothing more interesting than to

consider the creation of Adam; the sovereignty of God in making this

man so exalted and so dignified; for you remember the 26th verse of

the 1st chapter: "God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our

likeness." Now, when men view the creation of Adam merely as one

part of the great work of creation, they lose a great deal, it appears to

me, of the interesting and mysterious character that attaches itself to

the creation of man in the image of God. I must always view this

declaration as the expression, and utterance, and great prophecy of

the eternal purpose that God would come forth, and Himself appear in

that very humanity. It is a deeply interesting passage, " Let Us make

man in Our image." What image ~ "God is a Spirit," therefore, in

that respect, man could not be said to be made after the image of God;

but it appears to me that man was made after the image of God's own

Son, who from all eternity purposed to take upon Him this very form

of humanity; and when God said, "Let Us make man in Our image,"

the great purpose and plan of God was just uttered and expressed in

the creation of that being who was to have fellowship with God; and

though he fell, yet-never lose sight of this point-Christ and his

people are one, mystically one man; Christ is called "the Last

Adam," His people are called" the body of Christ."

It would be an interesting matter to consider, not only the fact of

the creation of man, but also the exalted position of blessedness which'

Adam enjoyed when he came forth from the Lord's hands, and when

He " breathed into his nostrils the breath of life .." We find him a real

type of the Lord Jesus Christ in the dominion which he had. It seemed

as if God would teach His Church through that type something of the

universal dominion which the Son of God shall have hereafter.

It is interesting, again, to view the element in which Adam lived and

in which his happiness consisted. For, do not think that God will ever

allow an intelligent being to have all his enjoyment in the creature.

Do not think that it was the beauty or the serenity of that garden

which constituted the happiness of Adam. That which infused

happiness into these things-that which made them subservient to the

enjoyment of so intelligent a being, was the blessing which was wrapped

up in them. "God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful,

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