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Celebrating our Silver

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee CHRISTMAS PARTIES. It is significant to note that the joint Bible Class meetings provided the basic desire for much closer fellowship and unity in worship and purpose. This desire led to a joint Christmas Get-together in December, 1988 at which a more serious consideration was given to bringing the establishment of a Church . In December 1989, another Christmas Party was organized. Present at this gathering were: Rev. Maj. (Rtd) E. Christian Bonney, who had then succeeded the Rev. Justice K. Dadson as the Superintendent Minister of Tema Circuit; The Rev. John Kwamena Bassaw, Headmaster of MEDASS and an Auxiliary Minister for St. Paul Society and Rev. Albert Kittoe, Circuit Minister in charge of Bethel Society at Community 8. In his address, the Superintendent Minister, the Rev. Maj(Rtd) E. C. Bonney deeply impressed by the spirit of fellowship that permeated the gathering, promised to use his good office to have a congregation started in Community 11 by the following year. This good news gladdened the hearts of all and spurred them on much stronger than before to bring this promise into a reality. PRAYER PARTY 1990 One of the main activities undertaken towards the immediate founding of the Society was what was termed as “prayer party” by the Rev. John K. Bassaw. The aim was to revive the evening prayer meetings. The “prayer party” consisted of three or four families coming together to pray for revival. These prayer meetings were held on the 17th and 24th August 1990 and the success achieved thereby led to the regular meetings being held thereafter. SUNDAY SCHOOL. While every effort was being made to establish an adult congregation, the spiritual and moral upbringing of the children at Community 11 was also enjoying the serious attention of the members of the three Bible Class Meetings. In fact, the concern was so strong that permission was granted by the Superintendent Minister to start a Sunday School Service and by the grace of God the first service was held on the 20th January 1990 under the care and tutelage of Bro. Ekow Sey(Rev.) and Sis. Constance Monney with a lot of inspiration from Bro. A.B. Essien(late); a leader of St. Paul’s Society, resident in Community 11. 28 IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee INTERIM MANAGEMENT -1990 The success of both the revised Evening prayer Meetings and the Sunday School Services led to an interim Management Committee formed to speed up and administer the process of the establishment of the congregation at community 11. The members were the late Bro. J.K. Aseeph, the late Kwame Boakye, John Mbroh, the late A.B. Essien, Rev. EkowSey, E.K. Haizel, Isaac K. Owusu, George K. Sackey(Jnr) and presided over by the Rev. John Kwamina Bassaw who kept the Superintendent Minister informed of progress being made. THE FIRST DIVINE SERVICE 7TH OCTOBER, 1990. With the appointment of this Interim Committee, the die was cast. There was no turning back. With this spirit therefore, at a meeting held on the 17th September 1990, the Committee firmly resolved that the first Sunday Morning Devine Service should take place on the 7th October 1990 and this received the blessings of the Superintendent Minister (Rt. Rev. Christian Bonney). By the grace of the God, this service came on as planned. The preacher was the Rev. John K. Bassaw. In attendance were Sixty –eight (68) adults and eighty-four (84) children who joined the adults for this first service. It was a solemn inspiring, spirit filled and challenging service. The text was taken from Isaiah 6:8. He preached on the theme “Send me”. THE FORMATION OF A CHOIR Spurred on to further action, next to be organized and formed in 1990 by the committee, was a Choir then of sixteen(16) members. Their first performance was at a Divine Service held on 10th February, 1991. Bro. Kanetey-Essel was to act as the Choirmaster/ Organist assisted by Sis. Frances Caiquo. CHRISTENING The Society was unofficially christened “IMMANUEL” by the Superintendent Minister Rev. Maj. (Rtd.) E.C. Bonney at the end of year get-together held on 5th January 1991. The Immanuel Methodist Church was officially inaugurated on the 8th February, 1992. From its humble beginning to the year 2011, Immanuel Society has seen seven Ministers in all. The first Minister, Rev. John Kwamina Bassaw spent a little over two years with IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y 29

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