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Fah Thai Magazine July/August 2017


HAPPENINGS THAILAND PATTAYA / TRAT SPOTLIGHT Spicing Up Life Spicy food reigns supreme in your life? If so, rev up your taste buds further at the unique Asian Spicy Garden. Visiting this place will give you a chance to explore the world of spices through tours of the botanical garden and museum. Learn about the diversity of spices and herbs and their widespread use in the kitchen. Walk through a garden of freshness and be amazed at a variety of exotic flavourings that are cooked in Asian spicy foods. And in the museum part, enjoy your time learning about the production of spices. Finish the tour with a cooking show demonstration to discover the secrets of Thai cuisine. Here on, you’ll taste some of the most popular Thai dishes such as Som Tum, Tom Yum Kung, including that of exotic Thai fruits. If you feel a tasting is not enough, just join the cooking classes and learn how to create your favourite Thai food and let your cooking skills shine. CRUISIN’ ON THE RIVER If the hustle and bustle of Pattaya gets a bit much, consider a day trip cruising along canals on a long tail boat. Just an hour away is a journey on a long tail boat, meandering through canals in Samut Prakan province. You will find yourself back in time as local lifestyles appear on both sides of the canal. Seeing lush rice fields, gardens and old villages also highlight how river trips are hard to find in city settings. Blend in with locals and pay a visit to markets along the way. A great selection of local food abounds and on this tour, feel free to eat whatever you like. Escape the city for one day and just soak up memorable moments on a long tail boat. boat-tour STRIKE A RELAXING POSE Even though you’re travelling, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even better, unwind with a breathtaking view and some yoga. This can be done at the Blue Lagoon Koh Chang, where one gets invited to join a yoga class in a serene environment surrounded by lush nature. The class takes place on a terrace above a beautiful lagoon. Two yoga sessions are provided each day, during morning sunrise and evening sunset. Opt to start your day with morning yoga or ease your travel tensions with evening yoga after a long day. Experience the pure relaxation that happens to your body and mind, while listening to the sound of nature and feeling the refreshing sea breeze and finally, contentment. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM Sorry to disappoint but this is not the museum where the exhibits come to life at night when the doors close – like in a particular fantasy film. However, the good news is that this museum goes from day to night and comes fully loaded with creative fun. The Parody Art Museum welcomes visitors who can bring a sense of fun and humour coupled with a knowledge for popular artwork and their masters. This nocturnal event shows a great range of art pieces you may know already and uniquely re-created by independent artists under the concept of ‘parody’ and applied to drawings, sculptures and video clips. The museum founder’s motives aim for mirthful fun and joy for visitors upon seeing the original art and beauty reinterpreted in a different set of originality. 100