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The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Autocross 5: Mesquite Memorial Stadium

By Carey Spreen

When we registered


online for the June 11

edition of the Equipe

Rapide autocross series,

Sue and I couldn’t really tell how

large the course was, based on the

satellite photograph of Mesquite

Memorial Stadium parking lot

showing an overlay of the course.

However, when we got there, it

was obviously larger than we had

thought, which is always a plus.

Course maps are published in advance

Something else we didn’t expect

was to see Zone 5 Representative

Jon Jones and his wife Joy (Cimarron

Region President). They had

attended the previous night’s Indy-

Car race at Texas Motor Speedway

and had decided to pay a visit to the

autocross on their way back home.

Regrettably, they weren’t in a suitable

car for autocross, so they left

before the timed runs began.

Even more surprising was when

we ran into PCA National Policy

Committee Chair Bob Gutjahr

(Chesapeake Region) and his son

Josh. Turns out that Bob and Josh

had also attended the IndyCar

race, but they were at the autocross

to drive Josh’s 2004 996 40th

Anniversary coupe! Josh had just

moved to Tyler and this was his first

autocross. It just goes to show you

that you never know who you’ll run

into, even at an autocross!

Anyway, Equipe Rapide ran its

usual well-organized event, breaking

the day up into three “heats”

in which everyone is either driving,

working the course, or resting.

The Porsche classes worked first,

ran second, and rested after that,

which is, in my opinion, the ideal

schedule. Working in the morning

avoids the heat of the afternoon,

plus you can watch and learn from

the mistakes made by the drivers in

the first run group. Even though

everyone got six runs, they were

quick (averaging about 40 seconds

each), so each group took less than

two hours to complete.

A total of nine Porsche drivers

competed, including autocross

newcomer Carolle Liu in her 987

Boxster. This was Carolle’s first

autocross, but she assured us at the

end of the day that it would not be

her last!

Remember father-son competitors

Bob and Josh? As noted earlier,

Photos by Bill Orr

this was Josh’s first autocross, but

Bob had a few under his belt. At

the end of the day, age and experience

beat out youth and enthusiasm,

but just barely: Bob’s best time

was a 39.962, just edging out Josh’s

40.419. After getting our runs in,

we all went to lunch while we waited

for the last group to run.

When all was said and done,

five of us went home with trophies

(okay, Equipe Rapide T-shirts), and

a few of us went home with cash!

Yes, ER pays for winning positions,

especially if you are of the female

persuasion, for whom the cash

rewards are an incentive to bring

more women into autocrossing.

Carey Spreen had the second fastest

Porsche time of the day

June 11 Autocross #5 Results

Carolle Liu navigating the course

By the time you read this, the

July 30 event will have taken place,

but there will be another one on

August 20 at the Lone Star Park

facility in Grand Prairie. If you have

ever wanted to find (or maybe even

exceed) the limits of your Porsche

in a safe environment, mark August

20 on your calendar!


Best Time Diff.

1T Carolle Liu Porsche Boxster 987 White 50.811


Best Time Diff.

1T Robert Gutjahr Porsche 996 Silver 39.962

2 Joshua Gutjahr Porsche 996 Silver 40.419 0.457


1T James Shoffit Porsche Cayman GT4 White 37.238

2 Wendy Shoffit Porsche Cayman GT4 White 38.390 1.152

3 Mike Syler Porsche 991 Carrera S Red 39.671 1.281


1T Carey Spreen Porsche 911 SC Red 37.835

2 Sue Crimm Porsche 911 SC Red 41.276 3.441


1T Doug Edney Porsche 996 Black 40.334


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