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klia2 Directory klia2

klia2 Directory klia2 Directory [MTB] Main Terminal Building S2-2-A30B S2-2-A30A S2-2-A30 Key Plan S2-2- A30C Sector 5 Sector 6 Sector 7 Gate P Satellite Gate Q Domestic Arrival International Arrival Gate J Main Terminal Building Sector 4 SKY bridge Sector 1 Sector 3 Sector 2 Gate K/L S2-2- L11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 S2-2- 1C03B S2-2- 1C03A To Parking/Hotel Baggage Reclaim S2-2- 1C05(a) S2-2- 1C05 S2-2-A35 S2-2-A36 S2-2-A34 S2-2-A32 S2-2- L01 S2-2- A31 S2-2- A31A Airlines Office Lift Escalator Staircase Male Toilet Female Toilet Disabled Toilet Nappy Change Car Rental Counters Female Prayer Room Male Prayer Room Information Counter Immigration Customs Lounges ARRIVAL HALL (Level 2) Legend Taxi Counters Clinic Hotel Reservation Counters Express Bus Ticket Counters Airlines Ticketing Counters Baggage Check-In Left Luggage Meeting Point Departure Arrival Retail Food and Beverage Services Arrival Hall (Level 2) Food & Beverage Cafés Old Town White Coffee S2-2-IC05 Services Telecommunication Celcom S2-2-IC03A Maxis S2-2-IC03B Clinic Pusat Perubatan Menara S2-2-L01 Maxis S2-2-IC03B Baggage Service Baggage Solutions S2-2-L11 Bureau De Change CIMB S2-2-IC05(a) Emporium Flying Emporium Swiss Watch Gallery Charles & Keith Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories S2-2-A30 S2-2-A30B S2-2-A30C S2-2-A30A International arrivAl (Level 2) Services Bureau De Change Maybank Emporium Eraman Duty Free Retail S2-2-A35 S2-2-A31/ A31A/A32/ A36 Departure Level (Level 3) Food & Beverage Cafés The Loaf S2-3-L02 Starbucks Coffee S2-3-L01 Dôme Café S2-3-L41 Papparich Express S2-3-L05 Bumbu Desa S2-3-L07 Bibik Heritage S2-3-L40 The Green Market S2-3-L38 Fast Food Kentucky Fried Chicken S2-3-L08 Marrybrown S2-3-L04 Grab & Go Dunkin’ Donuts S2-3-L43 12

Airlines Office klia2 Directory S2-3A-L02 S6-3A-L04 DEPARTURE HALL (Level 3A) S4-3-A01 S2-3-L07 S2-3-L06 S2-3-L05 S2-3-L08 Domestic Departure Check S2-3-L12 S2-3-L11 S2-3-L13 S2-3-L15 S2-3-L14 S2-3 -L16 S2-3 -L49 S2-3 -L48 S2-3 -L47 SKYBRIDGE (Level 3) S2-3 Domestic Transfer S2-3-L04 S2-3 -L03 S2-3-L03a S2-3-L02a S2-3 -L02 International Departure S T U V W X Y Z in S2-3-L01 S2-3 -L43 S2-3-L40 S2-3 -L39 S2-3 -L42 S2-3 -L39a S2-3-L38 S2-3-L41 -L17 S2-3 -L34 S2-3 -L33 S2-3 -L20 Check in S2-3 -L32 S2-3-L18 S2-3-L19 S2-3-L31 S2-3-L21 S2-3-L22 Airlines Office S2-3 -L44 S2-3 -L42 MAIN TERMINAL BUILDING (Level 2A) DEPARTURE HALL (Level 3) Retail Speciality Royal Selangor Heng Heng Local Delights The Body Shop Chocolate Safari Siti Khadijah Agrobazaar Malaysia Fashion & Accessories Carlo Rino Perfumes & Cosmetics Beauty Express Travel Essentials KK Supermart WHSmith Mylife Healthcare S2-3-L18 S2-3-L20 S2-3-L13 S2-3-L17 S2-3-L19 S2-3-L11 S2-3-L14 S2-3-L15 S2-3-L12 S2-3-L16 S2-3-L21 Services Bureau De Change/E-Banking Mach by Hong Leong S2-2-L34 CIMB Bank S2-3-L33 Ticketing Centre Air Asia Ticketing Centre Malindo Ticketing Centre Baggage Wrap Excel Wrap CIMB Bank Printing Service Print Expert Reflexology Service Santai Reflexology S2-3-L32 S2-3-L31 S2-3-L02a S2-3-L39a S2-3-L33 S2-3-L09 S2-3-L10 S2-3-L22 International Departure Level (Level 3) Retail Liquor & Tobacco Eraman Wine and Cigar Eraman Liquor & Tobacco Fashion & Accessories Sunglasses Travel Essentials Caring Pharmacy Retail Be Duty Free S2-3-L49 S2-3-L48 S2-3-47 S2-3-L42 S4-3-A01 Departure Level (Level 3A) Food & Beverage Cafés Mamak S2-3A-L02 13