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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

community volunteers

community volunteers tayu nga situtulong da ti pag-andar dyay proseso ti Proyekto” (During the cycle 2, we saw how cooperative our community volunteers are in making the process of the Project works) the community facilitator recounted. Lourdes was voted as Participatory Situational Analysis volunteer during their second cycle. “Sakbay na ket agduadua ti panunot ni Lourdes nu awaten na ti posisyon na, ta mabuteng gapu ta baka dina ammo ti ar aramiden na ngem pinapigsa na laeng ti rikna na” (Before Lourdes accepted her position [as Participatory Situational Analysis volunteer], she was doubtful of her capacity that she might do wrong or can’t do her duties well but proceeded believing her guts on it) her co-volunteer confessed on how she reacted on her first position in the Project. Little by little, Lourdes gained some self-confidence. She even raised issues on her observed inequality to women in their barangay which other women seconded. They then requested to their barangay for an equal salary of labor to which their Barangay Captain responded. “Ditoy nga napaneknekan ni Lourdes nga nabileg gayam ti puwersa ti babai nu agmaymaysa kami” (Here, Lourdes came to believe that if woman forces will united, we are stronger) their community facilitator said. Lourdes admitted that with her community role which entailed her time, she got a problem on how to juggle it for her responsibilities in their house. But she was thankful to her husband and children because they supported her. They helped her with the household chores. “Iti uneg iti maysa nga tawen a kas volunteer ket nakapag-adjust sak met” (Within a year, I came to adjust as volunteer), she shared. Because of their trust on her, they chose her to lead on the Project Implementation Team (PIT) for the implementation of their drainage system project. The obligation as PIT volunteer was bigger, she described as it involved monitoring the sub-project’s implementation development which as the community said was the first time they had a woman did such work. When they lacked workers for the sub-project, Lourdes’ leadership was tested. According to Area Coordinator Gemmuel Daria, she helped in mobilizing the community especially the women to join in the sub-project implementation in order to avoid its delay. “Ammo tayu met nga adu ti kabaelan iti maysa nga babai a kas iti panag-hauling ken 9

dadduma nga paset ti konstruksiyon ta saan laeng nga agtagibalay ken agtalon ti kaya ti babai nga aramiden a kas pagarup dagiti lallaki nu di ketdi pati iti panagtrabaho iti konstruksiyon” (We knew that a woman can do many things, even hauling and other construction works because a woman is not just a housekeeper or a farmer, she can also work in construction), Lourdes explained on her side as one of the laborers also. With the active participation of Lourdes’ community, they had their Cycle 3. She turned to volunteer herself as head of Procurement Team which the rest of volunteers agreed to. With this position, she learned to manage the volunteers’ honorarium and the procurement of construction materials. “Kas met laeng nag-graduate tak iti kolehiyo gapu kadagiti trainings nga inatendarak kasla dyay Procurement Training, Financial Management and Auditing. Tatta, ammo kon nga i-budget ti pundo ti maysa nga banag tan ngamin nu lumabes ka iti nai-budget ket agkaproblema ken mabalin ko metten nga usaren iti uneg ti pagtaengan mi daytoy a dakkel a nasurok”(As if I was a college graduate because of the trainings I participated just like the Procurement Training, Financial Management and Auditing. Now, I knew how to budget our funds, because if you exceed to what was allotted, definitely you’ll have a problem, and I can also use what I learned here in our house) Lourdes related. Aside from her learning in procurement, Lourdes also learned on how to read program of works and plans of their sub-project. “Saan laeng gayam nga lalaki ti mabalin nga makabael no di ket mas nalalaing kami sa pay” (I just realized that, it’s not only for man, but I guessed we [women] can do it even better), Lourdes jokingly uttered. Currently, Lourdes is also a member of Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina (KALIPI) to continue helping and supporting her town’s advocacy for development especially for women. Lourdes evolved into a woman she didn’t notice she would be. Unconsciously, as she went through every cycle of the Project, as their sub-project went to a process of development, she also went through to her own phases of personal growth. As one subproject completed to another sub-project, she too achieved something – the learning and experiences which to her were her triumph in life. Slowly, in every cycle, in every phase, a leader is discovered, one is Lourdes. // 10

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