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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

themselves. Without

themselves. Without losing hope, they submitted another proposal in 2014 for the construction of drainage culvert across Patoc River and finally received Php 1, 800, 441.36 grant from Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) through Millennium Challenge Account- Philippines (MCA-P). This was augmented by the MLGU and Barangay Local government Unit providing PhP 358, 974.95 thus totaling to PhP 2, 159, 416.31. After one cycle, the community was able to complete the drainage culvert which also now serves as a bridge to reach Barangay Patoc. Prior the drainage culvert’s construction, people have to cross Abra River by foot. Today, the people of Patoc enjoy leaving and returning to their village with safety. Wheels and Water Experience Completing the project was not a bed of roses even with the financial and technical assistance provided by the Kalahi-CIDSS Project. Manang Lumen said it was difficult to mobilize the 59 Left Behind. The original manual water pump in Patoc seems abandoned now that the community has their water system near their houses*

“ Potable water was brought near our houses unlike before wherein we have to go down with our pails to fetch water. ” _Marcelo Catriz, Project Beneficiary people. “During the start of the project, people did not believe that [the program] would bring development to the community” she said. With only few people believing and volunteering for the construction of the water system and the drainage culvert, they were able to pull it off. “Now that the projects were completed and fully operational, 80% of the community appreciated it and now are excited to propose a project again. “People began to realize that volunteerism is the most important thing in a project,” Manang Lumen said in delight. These achievements seem to be very ordinary but for the people of Patoc, it is only after the completion of the project that they got to experience travelling in and out of their village on wheels without manually pulling or pushing their motorcycles, tricycle or jeepneys across the 15 meter wide Patoc River. Marcelo Catriz, 56, one of the beneficiaries who experienced firsthand crossing through the drainage culvert said that the drainage culvert brought a big change in their community. “Before, crossing the Patoc River was terribly difficult. The community usually crosses it on foot,” he said in vernacular. “Our economic activities here improved so it is faster and easier to trade our products now. Before, we transport our rice for trading by letting buffalos drag it. Now we can use vehicles to transport it,”Catriz added. Catriz was also nostalgic when he talked about the water system which has a functioning tank and faucet. “Potable water was brought near our houses unlike before wherein we have to go down with our pails to fetch water,” he said. Since its establishment, the community has one common manual pump which is located just 25 meters before the entrance to the community. Manang Lumen considers the bridge and the water system as a stepping stone in restoring the greatness of Patoc. She dreams that Patoc will continue to gear towards development.// 60

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