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Destination Nevada County

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COMING From the Ground

COMING From the Ground Up SOON DORSEY MARKETPLACE STATUS: Under Review. Dorsey Marketplace is an integrated project including commercial, residential and community uses. As a community center and gathering place, Dorsey Marketplace offers approximately 181,900 square feet for retailers, restaurants and business services. HOMES BY TOWNE - RIDGE MEADOWS STATUS: Coming Soon and Selling Now. Homes by Towne® is pleased to announce this great community! Located in the city of Grass Valley, they will offer 37 single-family homes. Visit their Off-Site Sales Office in downtown Grass Valley to learn about this new community. “ THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.” LILY TOMLIN #JUSTWISE 132 DESTINATION Nevada County FOREST SPRINGS MOBILEHOME COMMUNITY STATUS: Expansion. The 55 and older senior living mobilehome park development consists of approximately 311 mobilehome/manufactured home units has applied to expand to the adjacent property which will create 62 new mobile home spaces and related amenities as a Phase IV addition to the existing Community.

My grandfather, Al Tucker, was a retired Air Force, airline and corporate pilot who first discovered the beauty of the Sierra Foothills while flying overhead on one of his many trips. He, along, with my Uncle Jerry and my dad Jim, fell in love with the Sierra Foothills. The land, with its natural beauty, natural resources, abundance of trees and unique location, beckoned my family as it did many who have occupied the land near Forest Springs in Grass Valley throughout its history. My grandfather bought the property in the 1960’s. His dream was to build a mobilehome community where age 55+ residents would choose to move, enjoy their Golden Years and be part of a community. Along with the land came a history of dreams, and many did not have a happy ending. Early settlers had clashes with the indigenous natives and there’s a legacy of exalted 1920’s extravagance and loss. The succession of inhabitants of the Forest Springs area has woven a dramatic thread through the tapestry of Nevada County’s history. Built on a Dream By Robb Tucker And it’s truly fascinating history! It was remarkable to learn that two of the three earliest sawmills erected in Grass Valley were on the land surrounding what is now Forest Springs Mobilehome Park. The Nevada County Historical Society Bulletin, volume 43, No. 3 published in July of 1989 includes a narrative by A.A.Sargent from his book “Sketch of Nevada County” that is considered the earliest and most accurate account of the two sawmills located on Indian Mountain Ranch near Forest Springs. “Early in November of 1849, Samuel and George Holt and James Walsh came with wagons, tools, machinery etc., to a place about four miles below Grass Valley for the purpose of erecting two sawmillsthe one by Messrs. Holt a watermill, and Judge Walsh’s a steam mill. Mr. Zenas Wheeler was of the party and two others. The Holts finished their mill in March 1850, and were sawing lumber on the 3rd of May. While working in the mill, they were attacked by Indians, of whom there were a great many in the vicinity.” By all accounts, pandemonium ensued. Samuel, the elder Holt was pierced by arrows and died instantly. With only a pocketknife, George, the younger Holt fought off eight to ten Indians, up the hill between the two mills, and bleeding, wounded in 13 places fell into the arm of Judge Walsh. The Indians raised all manner of threat to Judge Walsh’s camp, lit fires in the surrounding hills and set up an “indescribable” howling throughout the night. But the occupants of the camp were armed with U.S muskets and a dog named Brutus. Brutus joined the fight and according to Sargent, “Brutus, for his courage and watchfulness was worth five soldiers.” The Judge prevailed, George the younger Holt survived, but in July of 1850 Judge Walsh closed his sawmill on Indian Mountain Ranch and opened a mill on Mill Street in Grass Valley. In the mid-1920’s the beauty of Nevada County captured the hearts of San Franciscans Harold W. Robinson and his wife Edna “Lady” Jane. They acquired Indian Mountain Ranch, thinking it the perfect site on which to build their dream. On the vast acreage, they chose a hilltop amid a natural setting of pines and oaks DESTINATION Nevada County 133