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Destination Nevada County

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Photo credit: Owens Brothers Moving and Storage Donner Summit EXPLORATIONS AROUND DONNER SUMMIT Lisa Redfern in Art, Photography, Writing Research & Resources May 12, 2015 166 DESTINATION Nevada County

Photo credit: Donner Summit Historical Society Train Tunnels, Chinese History and Urban Art at Donner Summit Research for an upcoming book prompted a plan to hike to the China Wall at Donner Pass. Mom must be humored at least one day a year (Mother’s Day). Driving an hour to Donner was an opportunity to get the family out of the house and learn some local history. Other than me, the dogs were the only members of the family who were truly enthusiastic about the outing from the get-go. But as the day wore on, everyone found something interesting to capture their imagination. Taking in the expansive views overlooking Donner Lake and trekking over gargantuan, sun warmed slabs of granite, one can not help thinking about the ancient hands that pecked away at the rock faces some 1,500 to 4,000 years ago. Nomadic bands of Great Basin Indians spent many pleasurable hours here. They quenched their thirst from the streams that burble their way down to the lake below as they labored to record their thoughts and ideas in stone. The exact meaning of the 200 rock art designs DESTINATION Nevada County 167