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Destination Nevada County

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also built a hotel for his wife so her friends from San Francisco could visit. The resort became a high society retreat in the summer and then later, for the general public to which its wonders were touted. ‘Bracing Air-Magnificent Scenery- Unsurpassed Mineral Waters’ said the California Spirit of the Times.” “Spot of Wild Magnificence and Beautythe Future Saratoga of the Pacific” “Excepting Yosemite, there is not in all the Sierra a spot of wilder magnificence or beauty. The road over to it runs through a continuous succession of natural beauties of mountains, forest, river, natural lawns, and modest shrubs. The springs are close to the headwaters of the American River—one of the most beautiful of our mountain streams, which leaps over many waterfalls near its source.” Daily Alta California January 24, 1869 “A new watering place which is beginning to attract public attention. People from the cities below, anxious to get relief from the fervid heat of Summer, and to enjoy a little relaxation from the cares of life, take the [railroad] cars to Sacramento, and after a pleasant ride of six hours, find themselves at Cardwell’s [Summit Hotel], at the eastern end of the valley, where the comforts of a first-class hotel await them. From here daily lines of carriages covey them through some of the most grand scenery in the world, to the springs, where another most excellent hotel is established by Wm. Jones, where the guests are supplied with every comfort, including venison and grizzly bear steak in profusion.” Alonzo Delano, “Old Block” the Sacramento Union, November 1, 1873 The grand hotel at Soda Springs Station burned and was not replaced, grizzly bear steak is no longer on any menu, but the legendary beauty of Soda Springs continues to draw thousands of visitors a year. It serves as the epicenter of winter downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and snow play, which includes tube sliding hills. Soda Springs boasts the longest running ski resort in California, and according to the Soda Springs Mountain Resort, it is the best place to explore the magic of winter. Not a ski buff? No worries. Spring, summer and autumn in Summit Valley are glorious. In spring, the meadows are rich with wildflowers; trails are well-groomed and lead to magnificent lakes and vistas. Summer activities include backpacking, day hiking, bicycling, both trail and mountain, golf, horseback riding, picnicking and camping. Woodward Tahoe at Soda Springs Resort and Boreal Mountain Resort have fabulous sports- oriented summer camps for kids. The bubbling springs are no longer accessible, but there are great swimming holes, lakes, and rivers for splashing, fishing, sailing, kayaking & SUP [stand up paddling], and water skiing. In any season, Summit Valley offers breathtaking natural beauty. Autumn brings a heady array of Fall Colors, unrivaled at lower climes. Aspens, cottonwoods, maples and alders display their exquisite blush before their leaves succumb to the icy winds and winter glazes their limbs with crystal. Soda Springs and Summit Valley is an exquisite backdrop for a perfect get-away, event venue or sport experience. World class, year-round activities…all within an easy drive from BaseCamp Grass Valley, Nevada City and the Town of Truckee. 176 DESTINATION Nevada County Photo credits: and

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