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Destination Nevada County

Premium visitors magazine for Nevada County produced by the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce

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Photo credit: In the late 1930s, Walt Disney met Austrian skiing champion Hannes Schroll. Walt became acquainted with Schroll while vacationing at Badger Pass where Schroll was the head of the Yosemite Ski School. The two became good friends. In 1938, Schroll and business partners purchased land for the intention of building a ski resort in the east Sierras near Donner’s Summit and the small town of Truckee. The land encompassed an area around two mountains--Hemlock Peak and Mount Lincoln. Schroll had sought financial assistance from Disney in purchasing the land as funds from his native Austria had been appropriated in the spring of that year, when Hitler annexed that country. Schroll wired Disney in June seeking help; Walt was unfortunately out of town when the cable arrived and Schroll had to find others to advance the needed funds to secure the land purchase. One year later when Schroll was seeking additional investments to build the resort, he again approached Walt who in turn wrote Schroll a check for $2500, and became one of the initial stockholders of Mount Disney: The Legacy of Walt at Sugar Bowl Excerpt from an article by Jeffrey Pepper the newly christened Sugar Bowl resort. To honor Walt’s support and partnership, Schroll changed the name of Hemlock Peak to Mount Disney. THURSDAY, MARCH 06, 2008 - 170 DESTINATION Nevada County Photo credit:

Photo credit: Sugar Bowl SINCE 1939 A RESORT STEEPED WITH HISTORY DESTINATION Nevada County 171