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NEWS capacity bump

NEWS capacity bump within the 900P family. (Anandtech unearthed an Intel product change notification that suggests 960GB and 1.5TB capacities are waiting in the wings.) One of the tricky things about Optane is that it can be used as a bootable drive, as with the 900P or even the 800P. But even at 118GB, the 800P probably is too small for most laptop users to consider. Our colleagues at PCWorld asked whether a way around this would be to combine an Optane drive and a more traditional SSD. “You could imagine that might make sense for the future,” Crooke said. “It’s even possible today, by combining two M.2 cards,” he added. “What you’re talking about is just a simple integration project. If the market needed that, we would do that.” Intel’s 900P uses a PCi Express interface for increased performance 14 TECH ADVISOR • MAY 2018

NEWS Further off, Intel may bring Optane memory to client PCs as a supplement to traditional DRAM. Though non-volatile Optane memory acts like flash, storing data without active power, it’s slower than DRAM. Optane in a DRAM form factor – Optane DIMMs – will appear in the server market later this year. Eventually, it could migrate downward to PCs. “You could think of the enthusiast or workstation market taking advantage of that,” Crooke ad. The future: Moving SSDs to the cloud Intel’s end goal, however, is to connect PCs directly to the cloud. The only local storage on a PC would be an Optane drive, ‘caching’ the most frequently used data directly on the device. (We already have a version of this on our PCs today, with a OneDrive On Demand ‘folder’ that Windows 10 PC users can use to save and load data from the cloud.) Hard drives? Nope. Eventually, Crooke said, hard drives will be replaced. Here’s how Intel’s cloud-connected PC vision works: Connecting to storage in the cloud via 5G has roughly the performance of a SATA-based hard drive, Crooke said. “And so if you can put Optane in front of a SATA hard drive, with good performance, in theory you could put that hard drive in the cloud,” he said. Right now, Intel’s cloud-connected PC is little more than a concept, since 5G technology isn’t expected to be deployed until 2020. Users and PC makers alike would have to be confident that end users would be able to tap into 5G wireless virtually anywhere, Crooke said. “There’s still a ways ago, but you can see where this is going, from a technological point,” Crooke said. MAY 2018 • TECH ADVISOR 15

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