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April 11 - April 17 , 2018 This week in Gay Palm Springs California, Desert Daily Guide

Get ready for March For Science, the wolves are coming, April 14! DDG is the only source for up to date hour by hour weekly LGBT schedule for Arts - Entertainment and Business. Enjoy the life! The Greater Palm Springs area. Proudly celebrating 24 years of service to the community! Discover GAY life with the oldest LGBT magazine! Best bets this week in Gay Palm Springs California, Gay resorts. Bars, Restaurants and happenings. Plus local city maps and more! The official guide to Gay Palm Springs for 22 years. This week's LGBT weekly guide in PRINT and ALWAYS ONLINE, Also Gay and Gay friendly events parties and more. Mostly gay but it’s all inside!


DAILY WHAT’S HAPPENING Tryst Bar and Lounge Open - Sunshine Cafe All day WEDNESDAYS Happy Hour 2p to 8PM everyday $6.95 breakfast, 3:00 PM coffee included. Breakfast 6:00 AM Sunshine Cafe Dinner Special Special Carne Asada Score Happy Hour til 8 PM Chicken Enchiladas $12.95 and Eggs $10.25, Lunch 6:00 AM Score $2 Rolling 4:00pm Special Meatloaf or Meatloaf Rock Bottles all day Azul until 7pm 2-4-1 Sandwich $9.75 Sunshine Cafe All day TMP closed. bongo Johnny’s 7:30 AM everyday $6.95 breakfast, Dinner Special Chicken Pinocchio Everyday coffee included, Lunch Parmesan 16.95 Bottomless Champagne! Special Bacon Guacamole 5:00 PM $4.95 Well Drinks & Cheeseburger $10.95 Rio Azul Open Happy Martinis 7:30 AM Hour 5-7 PM $5 House 8:00 AM Pinocchio Everyday Margarita’s all day TMP closed. bongo Johnny’s Bottomless Champagne! 8:00 PM Everyday Bottomless $4.95 Well Drinks & Martinis Tool Shed Gear Night Mimosas $5 and $6 Handcrafted Bacon Bloody Mary’s 8:00 AM QUADZ Country & Western TMP closed. TMP closed. Video Night 10:00 AM bongo Johnny’s Everyday Chill AJ Karaoke Tool Shed Open - Happy Bottomless Mimosas $5 9:00 PM Hour 10am-8pm and $6 Hand-crafted Bacon Barracks Underwear Night 2:00 PM Bloody Mary’s with DJ Barracks Open Happy Hour 10:00 AM 11:00 PM 2p to 8PM Tool Shed Open - Happy Hunters underwear contest Tryst Bar and Lounge Open Hour 10am-8pm $3.75 Well 2:00pm Happy hour til 8pm drinks 12:00 PM THURSDAYS 4:00 PM TMP closed. bongo Johnny’s Tool Shed Bingo 6:00 AM Dinner Special NY Strip (2 drink minimum) Score Happy Hour til 8 PM Steak with a fully loaded 2:00 PM $4 Budweiser 25 ounce cans baked potato and veggies Barracks Open Happy Hour all day $17.95 2p to 8PM 2:00 PM Continued on page 18 16 The original Gay Desert Daily Guide. View our Free Digital Version on-line.

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