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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)

Burma facts • The

Burma facts • The Burmese regime has more than doubled the size of its army to over 400,000 since 1988. • Burma (approx. total population 52 million) has the highest per capita ratio of soldiers to civilians in the world. • The regime spends over 40% of its national budget on arms, and only 0.4% and 0.5% of its GDP on health and education. • The regime has refused to honour the national elections of 1990, won in a landslide victory by the National League for Democracy • Continuing civil war in the ethnic states has caused over 600,000 internally displaced people in Eastern Burma, over 140,000 refugees in camps on the Thai-Burma border including about 120,000 Karen people, and about 2 million refugees/migrants in Burma’s neighbouring countries. • The regime earns over US$400 million a year from selling off Burma’s natural gas to foreign investors. Now it wants to sell off the country’s hydropower to further strengthen its military forces. iii

Map 2: Planned Salween Dam Sites on Thai-Burma Border iv

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