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Damming at gunpoint(English Version)


INCREASED BURMA ARMY PRESENCE 35 1inch = 25 miles Map 12: Remaining Villages in Papun District 2004

36 DAMMING AT GUNPOINT These anti-insurgency tactics have continued to be used by the regime’s troops during subsequent years in the Karen area. “The SPDC’s present policy is to bring all rural villages under direct military control. This policy has meant establishing more Army camps throughout most of the Karen areas, and forcible relocation of villages too remote to be controlled by an Army camp to Army controlled villages. The soldiers then destroy the relocated villages.” KHRG, Flight, Hunger and Survival, October 2001 After villagers have been forcibly relocated, the Burmese military regularly patrol the areas around the former villages to flush out IDPs in hiding, often firing on sight at anyone found, and destroying any plantations. In 1999, 8 new battalions were sent into areas in Papun, to destroy villages that were suspected of having connections with and supporting the KNU’s Brigade 5. As reported by the Democratic Voice of Burma, on October 23, 1999: “The objective of the operation, according to the Southeastern Division Command, is to destroy villages in Brigade 5 [KNLA military command in Papun District] and other nearby areas they claimed had connections with and supported KNU.”

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