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Interview Last year

Interview Last year International Children’s Book day, turned out to be an special day for Tiruvannamalai school going children. A new startup in the arena of creativity ourvoice. today provided student representatives from eleven district schools to interact with District Collector Thiru. Prashant M. Wadnere, IAS. Who was amazed to see the young students interviewing skill. Collector laid emphasis upon inculcating creativity as that can never be learnt and imposed. He said it’s a kind of natural instinct which can be inculcated and let students grow with it. All Students should be provided with proper environment and opportunities to express own creativity in their own unique way. At the same time Collector appreciated efforts of for providing a platform to young generation to this neglected and marginalized area across schools though latest technologies and media. Collector was happy to see ignited minds at this very early age and putting such pertinent questions ranging from daily life to governance. Here are the highlights of the interview: STUDENTS SHOULD GROW WITH CREATIVITY - Collector Thiru. Prashant M. Wadnere Student Reporter Sushmitha A (on Transport issue) People are not wearing helmets. How can the students contribute in implementing this ? Awareness is the key. Wearing helmet is important to save our own head from injuries in case of accidents. Students can run volunteer programs to create awareness about it. Students can do programs and encourage the people through some activities like rallies with the help of the school. In some parts of our country they give a flower to the one who is breaking rules and ask him not to repeat it. Mostly when children ask parents and neighbours to follow rules people do follow them easily. Changing behavior takes time, so, you should not feel disheartened and keep trying. Things will change. Check if your schools can support these initiatives about creating awareness about traffic rules. Student Reporter Annapurna Ramani D (on Transport issue) What is your suggestion about the parking problems during purnima time? We have a scarcity of parking lots in this area. We are in process of creating parking lots. We suggest people to use public transport and do pooling for travel on those days. They should also cooperate with traffic police and park vehicles on designated spots which might mean extra travel. This cooperation makes things 6 April 2018

Interview easier for all. Also hopefully count in their punya rather than breaking all laws and creating problems to fellow citizens. Changing behavior takes time and without giving options we should not penalize them. So we seek cooperation of public on this issue. Student Reporter S.Priya (on Education issue) Why engineering students can't get job opportunities nowadays? Please understand that employment is based on demand and supply. One should have hands on experience while studying. Volunteer experiences can be helpful. Learning is a continuous process you should harness your skills while doing any work in hand. Opportunities will come sooner or later. One should have respect for all work. Do well whatever you are doing is what counts. While basic understanding and training are key. We also have state level Skill Development programs. If you work hard you will achieve your goals. Student Reporter S.Shanthi (on Education issue) Computer subject is there, but text book is not given, why? Studying without proper books is difficult. We will check and make sure that all schools have computer books for students. Student Reporter A.Kalaiselui (on Education issue) I am coming from Tadiphapatu village. I am interested in computer education but there is no computer center around my village. Do you have any plans to improve computer education for village students like me? Computer education is very important as most things are getting digitalized. This is one area where the more hands on experience or practice then the more clarity and learning you will have. I will look into this matter. Student Reporter K.Harini (on Agriculture issue) Sir, our Tamil Nadu farmers are fighting to save our agriculture in Delhi, if same happens in our district what will you do? Whatever is happening is very unfortunate. Well everyone has his own point of view but communication is the key to solve any problems or issues. There are proper forum to solve issues at village level, district level, state level and central level .We should consider others point of view also while solving problems. Farmers are backbone of any country. We respect and understand their contribution and understand their pain also. Student Reporter Rimsha (on Agriculture issue) Can I know the reason behind using goverment bus instead of using your department vehicle while going to Javadhi hills? That was the part of “Mass contact program”, I personally feel that public should feel free to talk to authorities about their issues . So, this is a gesture to bridge that gap. Plus this was an opportunity for all officers to be together. e.g. going to picnic together in school bus is more enjoyable than by going alone. So, use public transport not private vehicles. 2. Do you have any idea regarding starting a small scale industry at Javadhi hills,based on the agriculture products of the area, to enhance their quality of life and to prevent illegal activities such as red sandal cutting etc. Setting up industry is totally based on supply and demand. Also we need to understand that industries also need material and support to run the operations. This all requires detailed planning. We are working on different projects in that area. April 2018 7

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