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directions 1. First

directions 1. First measure the amount of water for the rice, put it into boil. In a pot toast the rice on a little bit of oil until the water is boiling. When the rice is hot and the water is boiling, pour it on the rice. Cover it and and cook it on slow fire, let it overboil a bit. When it is ready, put it out from the pot and let it cool down a bit. 2. In the meantime chop sun dried tomatoes into little cubes, grate the tofu on a cheesegrater, mix it and put aside. In a frying pan toast the spinach with olive oil, salt, garlic and pepper. 3. Add all ingredients to the rice, massage and squeeeeeze. Taste it ! 4. Mix chickpea flour with water and spices. Grind the cornfalkes! 5. With a little bit of wet hands form balls, put them into the chickpea “bath” , after take them out and cover them in grinded cornflakes. Fry them in hot oil – preferably coconut oil in a deep fryer – until they become golden. Riceballs ingredients 1 cup of rice – 2 cups of water 200 gr of grated preferably smoked tofu 1 little bag of spinach ½ can of sun dried tomatoes -6-8 pieces cut into little cubes 1 teaspoon of salt 4 big spoon of nutritional yeast For the cover 1 cup of chickpea flour 1 cup of water 1 big spoon of corn starch 1 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of ground coriander Unsweetend cornflakes – grinded White and black sesame seeds - optional

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