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Suzy's Soulfood

directions 1. Cut the

directions 1. Cut the potatoes and the parsnip into little cubes. Place them in a bigger pot, pour water on them, until they cover and let them overboil. 2. In a seperate pot or bowl heat up the butter together with the soy milk, season it with salt, and garlic powder. 3. When the potatoes and parsnips are completely overboiled pour the water out of it. Than in a same pot, you can mix with the melted butter and soy milk. For mixing and mashing the potates use a potato-masher. You can always add more butter and milk if the texture is not enough creamy though. 4. Tip: For mixing and and mashing the potatoes never use a handblender, it becomes gooey/instead you can use an electrical hand whisker Potato puree with parnsip and rukkola ingredients 1 kg of Potato 3 midlle size parsnip 1 teaspoon of garlic 100 gr of vegan butter 200 ml of unsweetend soy milk Salt to taste Two big handful of ruccola – optional

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