21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 


good good not bad,

by Louis Schreyer.

Faith is of uttermost importance in the 21. Century. Our future has been stolen

and it is up to us to overcome sarcasm and depression by taking control of our future.

Orwell said, “who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls

the past.”

While we are living in the exaggeration of something similar to the utopian nightmare

of the Brave New World as described by Aldous Huxley, our future is painted more

sinisterly with the dooming Extinction through nuclear war or natural disasters.

Because it is too difficult accepting this fact and ones apathy towards our future

as humanity, we all live in our own more or less happy little worlds.

Faith in the 21. Century can be described to me like this. Imagine everybody

in the world would stop working for 1 day completely. Although it seems technologically

and logistically possible in terms of communication, it still seems highly unlikely

it would ever happen. I chose this example because I believe we need to restore our faith

in humanity as whole, and that means me and you and everybody else. There is a small

fraction of people in power that are responsible for the ongoing illegal wars, as well as

climate change regulations or in positions to change this global trend. Yet in a world ruled

by the free markets our illusion of choice through representative democracies, does not

hold any power in changing these main issues we are facing. By coming together

with something as radically as stopping the economy completely for one day, would start

a new era, “the human project,” and show humanity we stand together, which is the only

way we will ever change the relations of power. For a single person, not coming in for

work one day might not seem that radical, you might say you are ill or just skip it

and get an excuse. If you are super straight you could even get one holiday day. Either way

your consequences would be minimal. But if everyone did this act of minimal damage

to ones personal life, it would have a huge impact on the worlds equilibrium.

This would only work if everybody firmly believed that everybody else was also going

to stay at home just like them. In the same way that, if I believe the world is going down

and our environment is totally fucked up, and either way the huge companies are creating

way more waste then I do, so it doesn’t even matter, I won’t recycle.

But if I believe in a future where the people have forced governments and companies

to change their regulations and the planet and species’ are regenerating, plus I know

everybody else is recycling too, I almost have to recycle. Even just morally. Therefore we

have to believe in the future again. Nobody I have ever met wants to bomb or kill anyone

else, nobody wanted the planet to be polluted and species to go extinct or even humans

to go instinct either. I don’t know if you as the reader agree but this is for most part of

humanity at least those people who have the luxury to live in peace. Why can’t we imagine

a future in peace, powered by renewable energies, working on human survival

on this planet and the growth of empathy and balance through having faith.

Us, as artists, communicators, but also everybody else has have the chance to rebuild this

future. Have faith, create faith, dream about the future. In the end the future only exists

in the way we speak about it. It never really starts, neither tonight, nor tomorrow, nor in a

year. We can only imagine it by the way we think about it or how it is been portayed to us.

Only if we have faith in the future, we can act positively and be happy today.

Louis: louisschreyer.com, @bitchesandturtles