21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 


Flat Pack Plastic Pants,

by Anna Baumgart.

Flat Pack Plastic Pants relates to the idea of Faith as a simultaneously individual

and collective practice.

The opening night featured the live improvised performance of The Golden

Trouser Tours, bringing individuals together through a collective experience of dress.

Multiple pairs of nearly identical gold fake leather trousers lay in folded compositions

in a white square. At intervals throughout the evening, performers came and began

to unfold the trousers, interacting and playing with them.

Putting them on, they invited visitors to join them and walk around the exhibition

in a group. In turns, one person would lead and the rest would copy, performing certain

movements with the trousers, e.g. taking them on and off at different points around

the room and responding to other artworks.

The trousers are special for their quality of being notably flat, yet in contact with

the body transition into sculptural shells. Here exists a reciprocal dialogue between body

and garment, each influencing the other’s movements. After undressing, the trousers

are left with a bodily demeanor, as empty shells emphasising the ephemeral presence

and absence of individual bodies, marking their traces left behind.

Like faith, the trousers represent how one common thing can bring together individuals.

Although similar, each golden trouser is made as a slightly different size or shape,

representing how people can still remain individuals in a collective.

In between performances, the ways in which the trousers were left arranged

as shells in the space was always different according to how each individual undressed

them there. This formed a continuously shifting landscape of golden trousers, therefore

a constantly changing artwork.

Anna: anna_baumgart@outlook.com, @anna_baumgart