Happiful October 2019



The Uplift

8 In the news

13 The wellbeing wrap

14 What is polyamory?

We take a look at what it means to have a

relationship with more than one partner

86 The Soap Co.

Read how one social enterprise is using their

luxury soap to provide disabled people with

life-changing opportunities


16 Dianne Buswell

The Strictly Come Dancing star opens

up about exercise addiction, and the

importance of fuelling your body and mind

28 Unrequited self-love

If you have a chronic illness, bo-po

mantras may miss the mark. How do you

love your body, if it won't love you back?

43 Alice Liveing

The fitness guru talks accessibility in the

industry, and why she's speaking about

her experience with domestic abuse

46 Think kink

Could being honest about what we like in

bed be the key to boosting our wellbeing?



Life Stories

39 Stacey: the push to fight

Stacey struggled with PTSD and OCD

for years until her world was turned

upside down by the passing of a

close friend. But her legacy left Stacey

determined to finally reach out

52 Kerry: a sense of self-worth

Stuck in the depths of depression,

Kerry felt numb and hopeless. That all

changed when she discovered EMDR,

and was finally able to find a sense of

inner peace

79 Vidura: finding my groove

As a child, things weren't easy for

Vidura, who struggled with mental

illness throughout his youth – then he

discovered street dance, and things

took a turn for the better


26 Sex after trauma

Columnist Grace Victory shares how she is

empowered by her sexuality

31 Things to do in October

60 Accepting anger

In her latest novel, Jenny Downham

explores our right to rage

90 Quickfire: MH matters

Food & Drink




62 The Gut Stuff

The Mac Twins talk taboos, and what's

'normal' when it comes to gut health

66 Our pumpkin picks

Let no pumpkin go to waste this autumn

with these simple, sumptuous recipes

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