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Open the Guide Here - Pioneer Press Communities Online

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eLawa farm founDation (6)

ashley maentz, President

P.o. Box 181, lake Forest

Phone: 234-0713

enCore (8)

amy Keaton, co-President

Phone: 735-1654

Jan neville, President

Phone: 295-1687

faith Lutheran ChurCh

women’s assoCiation (2)

susie Kolterman

Phone: 247-1468

famiLy serviCe of

south LaKe County (3)

Bob wolf, executive Director

777 central avenue, ste. 17, highland Park

Phone: 432-4981

frienDs of Gorton (3)

400 e. illinois road, lake Forest

Phone: 234-6060

lynne Kennedy

Phone: 234-2006




Lake Forest Place offers aretirement

like no other, with its vibrant residents,

bustling town center, andbeautiful cottage

and apartment homes. You can put aside

the worries of house maintenance while

you enjoy unparalleled security today

at this Presbyterian Homes community.

32 | 2011 lFlB community GuiDe

frienDship forCe of

northern iLLinois (3)

alan melkerson

Phone: 295-7953

frienDs of LaKe bLuff Library (3)

123 e. scranton avenue, lake Bluff

Phone: 234-2540

frienDs of LaKe forest

Library (3)

360 e. Deerpath, lake Forest

Phone: 234-0636

carol champ, President

Phone: 295-6523

Junior GarDen CLub of

LaKe forest (4)

carol sweet, President

Phone: 234-1456

Kiwanis CLub of

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff (12)

David lee

P.o. Box 34, lake Bluff

Phone: 615-3083

KniGhts of CoLumbus (12)

lake Forest council #1268

Frank caringello, Grand Knight

Phone: 234-8120

KnoLLwooD CLub (4)

John Benz, President

1890 waukegan road, lake Forest

Phone: 234-1600

KnoLLwooD GarDen CLub (4)

lisa schwarz

Phone: 295-3841

KnoLLwooD neiGhbors

ed whitehead, President

Phone: 987-1090

LaKe bLuff basebaLL assoC. (13)

walt Begley, President

P.o. Box 222, lake Bluff

LaKe bLuff firemen’s assoC. (3)

Phone: 234-5158

LaKe bLuff fourth of

JuLy Committee (3)

Deb Dintruff, President

terry lesser, Vice President

P.o. Box 211, lake Bluff

Phone: 295-7062

Our Just Say Yes program will help you

with every step of decision-making and

moving to Lake Forest Place –abenefit

worth thousands!

Call Paisley Valentincic today at

800-886-8409 to learn more.


1100 Pembridge Drive Lake Forest, IL 60045 • 847-604-8800 •

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