Open the Guide Here - Pioneer Press Communities Online

Open the Guide Here - Pioneer Press Communities Online

LaKe bLuff GarDen CLub (4)

nan Patterson, membership chairman

Phone: 295-5058

LaKe bLuff open LanDs

assoCiation (LboLa) (4)

larry mccotter, President

P.o. Box 449, lake Bluff

Phone: 234-2860

LaKe bLuff women’s CLub (15)

henrietta Pigg, President

Phone: 234-2822

LaKe bLuff yaCht CLub (13)

P.o. Box 292, lake Bluff

LaKe County Cares (14)

nini lustig, Director

400 e. illinois road, lake Forest

Phone: 234-8876

LaKe forest CauCus (5)

P.o. Box 108, lake Forest

mark Ventling, President

LaKe forest Center of the

infant weLfare soCiety, LaKe

forest/ LaKe bLuff Chapter (3)

KK tesar

Phone: 234-3907

LaKe forest CLub (10)

554 n. westmoreland road, lake Forest

Phone: 234-5316

LaKe forest GarDen CLub (4)

P.o. Box 497, lake Forest

Karen stensrud, President

Phone: 295-8281

LaKe forest

internationaL CLub (15)

anja Grevers, President

Phone: 735-8486

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff

Community assoCiates of the

art institute of ChiCaGo (7)

leanne meyer

Phone: 735-1312

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff

historiCaL soCiety (6)

361 e. westminster,

P.o. Box 82, lake Forest

Phone: 234-laKe (5253)

Janice hack, executive Director

community oVerView

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff

Junior women’s CLub (15)

Kendelle cornette, President

Phone: 295-2009

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff LearninG

DisabiLities assoCiation (9)

P.o. Box 588, lake Forest

Phone: 205-5534

mary ann nugent, co-President

molly sarver, co-President

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff

Lions CLub (12)

craig lepkowski, President

P.o. Box 470, lake Forest

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff

panheLLeniC assoCiation (15)

linda orfanos, President

Phone: 615-9134

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff

senior Center (11)

marla schachtel, Director

Paul lemieux, chairman of senior

resources commission

100 e. old mill road, lake Forest

Phone: 234-2209

company, inc

landscape architects · contractors · maintenance · irrigation

28846 Nagel Court Lake Bluff, IL 60044

Phone: (847) 234-0020 Fax: (847) 234-0922

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