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dreams, difference

and tell a


Only a few artists deserve to be in the first issue of the LoveFMD Magazine, and

it´s clear that David Benoliel is one of them. For us it is actually hard to describe

the excellent skills of this congenial artist. If we try, primarily it is the brilliance

of capturing the right motive at the right time. David’s pictures are full of power,

creativity and passion for the detail. Every single shot is pure artwork and on the

one hand stands for itself but on the other hand is part of his whole concept. His

work is offering a dazzling array and this diversity makes him a case sui generis.

David Benoliel is now based in New York and Miami. He was born in Paris

on the 4th of April in 1976, and he had the privilege to grow up in a European

fashion metropolis. Noting that France, precisely Paris, brought so many talented

artists to the world of fashion, we feel that the spirit of this graceful and historic city

influenced his career. However the photographer was not in the fashion industry

all his life, especially the emigration to the USA and his new life yon made him

what he is today – an in demand photographer. When he moved to the States he

had the idea to open a French restaurant but fortunately this plan came to naught

when he started participating in classes for design and photoshop. Photography

became a fascinating new drug in his life and he is still captivated by the horizons

that are provided by this artistry.

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