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I;.. , raft with a three dollar

cover and a live band. Ten pm

rolls around, its standing room

only and the place begins to pop.

Its amazing because this place is

so out of the way you would

never find it or stumble upon it

by accident. If any of you know

anything about Ogden you'll

know and recognize the Grey

Moose has been around for about

a hundred years or so. In the

past they have played host to

some killer loci1 towns. The

Malis brothers for example. All

of a sudden the Grey Moose

becomes paranoid and offers

something they've never offered

in the past, Wednesday nights no

doubt, five drafts, free hot dogs

and a live band with $5.00 cover.

Why now? Why this? Are we a

little concerned about a no name

club still in its infancy taking all

of our valuable customers or do

we just want to show them who

the big - dogs - are in town. Who in

the fuck was the marketing

genius that threw in the free hot

dogs. But 1 love it when I've

been drinking beer then I eat a

hot dog or two and then I go talk

to the ladies and end up burping

the shit up for the rest of the

night. And I got to tell you it

drives the women wild. In fact, 1

like free hot dogs so much that I

scan the paper every weekend to

see what car lot in town is givinp

out free hot-dogs and hell I'll

bring .. mv . own beer. This kind of

move goes beyond competition.

Can you imagine if every store

had this attitude. Sure companies

and corporations would lovl

to own the market by hey this is

a free enterprise system and its

just not a reality. And for the

most part good competition is

healthy. I just think having a

choice, an option is good. I say

forget about what the Dead Beat

Tavern is doing and get on with

business. Do whatever it is you

do best. Look forward. Go bab)

go. I think that two or th,ree or

four or more companies can be

successful in doing the same

thing without the main goal

being lets put the other guy out

of business. Lets drag them

under. The other night the Grey

Moose sent n\.er their doorman

and a couple of bar boys to chec

out the scene at the Dead Beat

Tavern. They poked their heads

inside, did a quick head count

and headed back over to the

Grey Moose corporate offices to

crunch some numbers. You can

tell these boys have never ownel

a business outside of Ogden. Dc

you really think Spanky's

Cinema Bar cares rvhat's happel

ing at the Zephyr just up the

street or vice versa. I doubt it.

And oh, did I forget to mention

one minor detail. The Grey

Moose caters to a totally differei

clientele than the Dead Beat

Tavern. The Grey Moose is a

harder edge. The tavern is laid

back. Its like the Ashbury Pub (

Ogden yet smokier. Its got the

love vibe floating through it.

The Grey Moose is heavier, mor

of a place to flex your muscle.

Regardless of bvhat role you pla

in life don't think nobody's

watching because we are. And

as the quote in the movie says 1

am the iYes and ears of this ins

tution. Big brother signing off.

-P. Parker

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