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trot on down to the more enhght- , .+b.hate ow jobs and who hd COMES.. Brokewdown, W listed - and bett~ venues, alone yith thg ,

ened of the local shops and pick ,.%h&puq,bit of today's most war- as'three son@, Girl with rhe corf&.ponding fi?mcand fortune,

a CORY It am& out March 5. . shipped Itcon, money, sickening Camera ~ i n d ~ ~ u ~ e' T Tak & for m instance Chis Hillman.


All kinds of bbds do noisy music. a will be able to relate and enjoy Comes' and ' S u m

He wrote the liner notes iyd after

The thing abdut Girls Against Boys '%he Bii City" very much indeed Roqder' Faah bnAcs, however, the Hillman dissolv$ + *ent c#t

is the way they &e noise tht Also, kyone who is bo~d.with only Appear in the ljs~g to play in several emhdX influsounds

beautiful. Their rpytm , the Wpm& of taday's current titles. Each track flows into the ential bands.. . if the la&t CDs to .

get girls all excitedf y ~u shdd . music will find rdief with the n&&? creating a 16 Pninuk exposure arrive in my mailbax m any maread

some of their press Mt! I'll avian but different sounds of of various guitar noises, tex-, sure. On guitar is a man I'm sure

pfl a quote from the inside of @e , Hammerhead. Of course, music and moods. We begin With a slow many SLUG readers are familiar

advance CD. "GirIsvsBop rn one this~&H can't b found at normal hypnotic, feedback squalledj @hti with- I'll wait a paragraph or two

of themost delicid.wl$]+s~+ - ~ f dstores; s =;get' up off your drowning-us into a catha&c~Q'eadf 6efm mentioning the name.

bands ever head:" Ithas Son&- : ; l@& and sp&ial order at finer then pushed into a +fly ... ' Completing the band is Rex

thing tq do with-the,slow grind 9 ,. mdc store. GRANT LEE BUl%ALO~sounding Gosdin on bass and vocals and

"Life In P i and those I@& - blar M. pop ditty almwt complet& sad Don Pardey on bijo and vocals.

about going deep. House a, and haunting with a f&g %&&'of l'he Hillmen featme lead vocals,

GvsB they've executed the nuhe ' Uusfre h ~ that e ends with a htwd tenor vocals, bass vocals and just

with such expertise that y6u need A&$ - drone, leading* to &e $tial eight plain vocals. Like I said at the,

to listen closely to &tch it. There it and a half rninutw of l& sloppy beginning there ?re some lugh.

is. Those>guitafs ch&g aw$ like , tricks Qf guitar work b&% it oh& apopgst mountain hm+n@$@'on the disc.

the thighs of everyone in a R,chard are spewed out into public itself and being highly rrminipt One of the dth'pihg +es on '

I Simofis video. Hypnotic bass, ' domain. of The Velvet Und&gmund's pi- the disc is titled "Goin' Upy.I#.

throbbing 'away like a blps)d vessel1 mouth tar/viola duel in '9ister yay' bund the speed with wh$% &ese

in the forehead of an ahm & ' '

tus~~plement the ambiance creat- (W&@!, what a 'long senten&). In gentlemen play their ins

neckemployed by mass traqif,drii ! ed by his NorthCarblina trio; laynian's term it's the siltbig to be good for some v

ving through a bli&atd:The - '.' %&wosagenda: oodles of vqcal amund the apartment inswpiity dancing. The tempos of t2t @ng

drums remind me of the $p*~f. hooks, sweet harmonies, and because you're not going y- 'dnd the one follo$mg,

which the 'eyelids of 'a,loca\fi@ :. @vytguit@ riffs (Zeppelin-esq whek, then realizing so~e

fat mental titled ''Wheel H*zbiz

head honcho t h e wHed lid'&- ; at t$n&whther hey or any hope that maybe tomorrow wodd 'quite frankly arn$ng to the ' .

really pi&. The element making else knows it) creating a d be better, only to have some human ear. Now that I've ipd

all thegirls ewited is the.@'&., ; swbe careful though, a Shmuck knock on your dm

to , Gianni and tire pmf rea* euffi- .

Yeah the *icep That sop& :'$ ,

':i&e+.$iightpt iq! Er. .... remind you &at your ti& qik, ciently enough that theyfv6 +it

combination of wkiisw-an'i hot, . ;em Mik the Goo Goo I)olls. They and you finally going htd a@t , "tadin@ how'xbout some kality. -

deep vocal passicin. we*,fie:+, .:,also sound like a hard version of yelling and scre~mhyj how lifev@ , The music on this album was .

sound of sheet metal scqk& :-. ' %&onh

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