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BEATLES comes, the Beatles were no


12-1 3-80

In retrospect upon John

Lemon's death at first glance

there seems to be no obvious

won for his Assassination.

Fit we must look at John

Lehdn the man and the pert


f~-. Lennon's whole philosophy

can be summed up in

two words. Peace and love.

/ He spent his entire adult as a

[. person and a performer as

I possibly the major world

, advocate of peace and love.

This may seem like a very

! strong statem* and perhaps


> 'it is. Then if that is the case

; ,consider my ignorance on this

l@trticular matter. To fully

understand his death we

! must think back in time.


bBack when the Beatles were

b:together and performing.

Then we must think about the

kbeopie they and their music

influenced. The shape of our

comkry and the shape of the

: world: The people were look-

P,ing for something more than

&the hypocrisy and destr'uction

that our society offered in the

middle of all of this of the

war, the riots, the peace

marches ptc.. or &e Beatles,

own'way sayhg somethit& to 5

eacE; of us. .&nhoii was'say-. '

ing peace and love. Then it

longer. They quit. No one

knew for sure. It was given

to us that John and Paul

could no longer get along.

But what it really was they

quit so that Lennm could be

killed. In the great puzzle 01

the Universe the force that

put every piece in its place

foresaw the possibility of his

Assassination and with this

inbite wisdom saw the

destruction that would take

place if this were to happen,

his killing while &e Bcahs

were still together, So the&

must be h e for the itrfluen,ce

of the group over the people

to have time to wear down

some. If Lennon would have

been killed while performingwith

the Beatles there would

have been a great possibility

for tremendous destruction t

and violence and this was not

Lemons way. The Beatles

disbanded so that John

Eennon.could fulfill his destiny

and instead of bringing

violence and destruction it

will bring a world Wide

moment of sil~t prayer and

peace as we honor his





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