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of me. That was .

&ink anymore; it's more like

producing and directing.

SLUG: Cause he does all of

your videos. Most of the videos

' that you guys have made, I

don't want to say all, but MTV

wouldn't play them. So what

' do you do with a video that no

one's going to play?

JC: Show it to your friends.

SLUG: So this time are you

going to get the video on TV?

; JC: I hope so. I mean, that's

the idea, obviously or why

waste the money on them? It's

I really up to them. It's kind of a

'mysterious and frightening


SLUG: What is? Not having

: them?

; JC: The whol~ video MTV

; thing. '

' SLUG: Really? Well, because

1 then all of a sudden your mega

stars. Go from being unrecogn&d,

almost completely

, strongly about how we want to

be perceiwh: Th&ets just so

ing a litt

JC: After a while I did and' I

unrecognized, to not being able muchhstuff o.ut there that rubs don't know if I could do it now.

td walk down the street. I us the wrong way that we want There are sodre things that I

JC: Well, I'll let you know 'to be different. Ad a f& of , did that,I h# to do that I didwhen

that happens.

times that goas agwfthe ; n't feel toowd abaut.

SLUG: Well, I think that's part grain of highpoiwmirketing SLUG: DO+OU even feel that ,

of the und.erground appeal is and commercialism and stuff. way watching Cops? I do, I

the fact that your videos didn't hat's not to say we wouldn't how I do.

get played.

enjoy like ... SLUG: A hit.. JC. No, not really there's worse

JC: If your equating under- JC: Yeah. Plus we would wadt stuff oh TV than that.

ground with'co~rcial medi- to do it on our terms. We're SLUG: I personally like reruns.'

ocrity or whatever, I think not going to do a hch af stuff JC: I like reruns, too.


underground might come more that makes us feel so gross it SLUG: Well, what's your first

from just sticking to your won't be fun $0 ddq anymore. music memory?

beliefs and just doing things - That's where most qf if cbmes JC: I guess getting a little cheap

your own way whether your from is'j~t.l&e ~$in~hiing 'tape recorder and making a

going to be popular or not.

Just trying to be happy with

yourself, trying to do something

your proud of and not

sbff that wkthhk'is importint.

SLUG: SQ what have you

been li~tkniqto a Iot lately

music wise? '

tqpe off the radio with changes

by David Bowie on it. I was

pretty little. I don't know in

grade, school probably whenev-


completely that, JC:. Wow, Slsan Berry, .ihti&new er that came out, it must have

record a ~ the d Ass Ponik ' ,

been First or second grade for

fecord, the Wolverton Brothers me. -. .

from qincimati. I like t~ listen ISLUG: What would you be

to my friends tapes a$d stuff. doing if weren't ,doing

As far as like ... man I canl never this?

remember. I always get. ~ uon

t JC: Wow, I don't know.

the spot like &is. I shou1d'fus;t . ,. Probably.just working as a

make notes before I do-this , '. photographer, I'think. I guess I

%(, ,


would be doing something like

SLUG: You dokt ha*rip.' '&n thdt maybe and still just playit

becomes really c@tziv&.~ -:". ing music on the side. Cause

JC: Yeah. I watch <g.TV than. that's what I always figured I

, I ljst6n to records. ' ' ,!' - "-- would do.

SLUG: &bat's your favorite TV . SLUG: Do you ever think that

show? Jc: Cops. We played in - people just go "god what I real-

Cleveland and some~dy hit , ly want to do is be a bars playme

in the face with a cup bf '. er". You kndw, unless you;

beer while we.were playing. like in a funk band and how

And later on, as I was lkavihg, did that end yp coming about

one of the cops guarding the for you?

door said somethin6 to me JC: I heard the Who.

about it; just kind of made a

joke and it turned out he had

SLUG: You heard the Who. I

was thjnking that this morning

been on Cops and I'd Seen the when I was listening to you

episode and stuff. So, it was guys that there is a Ibt of Roger

like a celebrity meeting. Daltry, and Pete Townsend and

SLUG: I can't figu~e out why the Who in there. '

that stuff is so appealing. JC: Yeah, we all like them and

Those shows, watching.ither we all listen to them. 'There's

people get in trouble., Do yop worse people to be compared

know what I mean?

to than that.

JC: Yeah, I M t kno,w, It's a SLUG: I think so. My friend

voyeuristic thing., I q ~cl to , thinks that their the originators

work at a newspapey as a ghp- of punk. I don't know if I

tographer anti I realIy enjqyed agree but I think its an interestthat

aspect of the job.'.hlce .ing opinion. .:‘a''" :" ,, p .

being able to just so5t b'fhang JC: it could be, I &an.Keith

out behind the police'line. You Moon was pretty punk rock.

get to see how it$ 40be.~ S ' -A.J. Miller *,

",* ".,'$,-.*.,.-'

SLUG: But don? yod f'e s he-

-,:.$ >- : + 4, ,+ .- >&s%+


times that your sort of'invad-

you can't even do it anymore.

SLUG: Well, I don't think if you

guys got commercial success

that all of a sudden your fans'

should become mediocre.

JC: Well, I think people feel,

not just with us but with all

kinds of bands, that something's

not popular and you

discpver it and you turn yourfriends

on to it and it's like a

little shared skret among the

people that know about it.-.

And then, all of a sudden,

there's a hit and all the asshole

guys at school and people that

, you don't like start listening to

it and ... I definitely felt like that

whole thing when Nirvana's

record blew up because there

was all these ieople who knew

about it, who listened to Sub .

Pop Records and then all of a

sudden, everybody was into it.

A lot of people feel pretty close

to their music and don't want

to share it with people that

they necessarily wouldn't be

friends with. So, I'm sure

there would be that but what

are you going to do?

SLUG: So your success, not

yours personally, but the band,

seems to be tied to the fact that

you guy$ are still on the underground.

Are you guys trying to

maintain that?


JC: I don't think .we're consciously

trying to maintain

that. I think a lot of that comes

from the fact that we feel pretty

;r8i;$.$. .+.;-, -- gj

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