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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG So fair because the ways of sin Have never known her perfect feet By what far ways and marvellous May I such lovely heaven reach ? What dread, dark seas and perilous Lie "twixt love's silence and love's speech? 148

—! EARLIER POEMS HEART'S FIRST WORD. II. And all her soft dark hair Breathed for him like a prayer, And her white lost face Was prisoned to some far place. Love was not denied Love's ends would hide, And flower and fruit and tree Were under its sea. Yea, its abundance knelt Where the nerves felt The springs of feeling flow And made pain grow There seemed no root or sky, But a pent infinity Where apparitions dim Sculptured each whim In flame and wandering mist Of kisses to be kist. 149