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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


; POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG What shoulder pushed through those mists Of gay fantastic pastimes And startled hills of sleep ? Oh, apparition of me, Ruddy flesh soon hueless, Fade and show to my eyes The lasting bare body ; Soul-sack fall away And show what you hold ! Sing ! Let me hear you sing. A Voice [Sings.] Upon my lips, like a cloud To burst on the peaks of light, [He looks in a mirror.] Sit cowled impossible things To tie my hands at their prime and height. Power, break through their shroud Pierce them so thoroughly, Thoroughly enter me, Know me for one dead ; Break the shadowy thread, The cowering spirit's bond Writ by illusions blond ! Ah ! Let the morning pale 58

—: : MOSES Throb with a wilder pulse : No delicate flame shall quail With terror at your convulse. Thin branches whip the white skies To lips and spaces of song That chant a mood to my eyes. . . . Ah ! Sleep can be overlong. Moses Voices thunder, voices ot deeds not done Lo, on the air are scrawled in abysmal light Old myths never known and yet already forgone, And songs more lost, more secret than desert light Martyrdoms of uncreated things, Virgin silences waiting a breaking voice As in a womb they cry, in a cage beat vain wings Under life, over life : is their unbeing my choice ? Dull wine of torpor—the unsoldered spirit lies Ah ! limp. If she would run into a mould, Some new idea unwalled To human by-ways, an apocalyptic camp Of utterest and ulterior dreaming, Understood only in its gleaming, To flash stark naked the whole girth of the world. 59

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018