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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG A QUESTION What if you shut your eyes and look, Yea. look with all the spirit's eyes, While mystic unrevealed skies Unfold like pages of a book Wherein new scenes of wonder rare Are imaged, till the sense deceives Itself, and what it sees believes Even what the soul has pictured there ? 17G

: EARLIER POEMS CHAGRIN Caught still as Absalom, Surely the air hangs From the swayless cloud-boughs Like hair of Absalom Caught and hanging still. From the imagined weight Of spaces in a sky Of mute chagrin my thoughts Hang like branch-clung hair To trunks of silence swung, With the choked soul weighing down Into thick emptiness. Christ, end this hanging death, For endlessness hangs therefrom ! Invisibly branches break From invisible trees The cloud-woods where we rush (Our eyes holding so much), 177

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018