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Climate Action 2009-2010


TECHNOLOGY Energy efficiency is key for achieving a low-carbon society. ICTs 96 © Richard Cote/Fotolia The learning and capabilities sub-group works to enhance corporate responsibility capabilities in the supply chain by developing training resources and organising events to increase awareness of social and environmental issues. GeSI continues to work with local training organisations, NGOs and other stakeholders to build capability among suppliers. Policy developments in the supply chain are also carefully monitored, especially as the past year has seen a dramatic focus on extractives coming from US legislators and NGOs. Members have issued several public statements of support for the concerns raised in the supply chain area. In addition, GeSI attended several stakeholder events aimed at encouraging exchanges of views on how the industry could best respond to NGOs’ concerns. COLLABORATION WITH PARTNERS GeSI facilitates collaborative responses to best represent the ICT industry. When submitting a response or participating on a panel, members are encouraged to speak not on behalf of their company, but as a unified voice of the ICT industry. Before reaching that point, especially when producing joint statements, GeSI members work diligently to focus on the common denominators of their positions and the overall objective for ICT-driven sustainability. The result can be powerful – GeSI members have also joined forces with other industry associations such as DigitalTech Europe and TechAmericaEurope to respond to the EU Commission’s recently published Recommendation on Energy Efficiency (October 2009). By focusing on the key priorities and implications of the Recommendation for industry, GeSI with the support of the above organisations is collaborating within the context of a three-year road map, the ICT for Energy Efficiency forum (ICT4EE) already mentioned. This forum demonstrates the sector’s motivation to move forward on its representations that ICT offers solutions to climate change issues. Such collaboration and aligned messages will facilitate clearer communication with COP negotiators. COP15 GeSI’s representation at COP15 events will be with the ITU and the OECD, with a joint side event, ‘ICTs and Climate Change’. The panel will consist of speakers to represent the major regions as well as less developed countries. At the COP15 conference in Copenhagen, GeSI will be presenting with OECD’s ‘The Voice of Business’. At the COP-15 negotiations, GeSI’s goal is, first, to contribute towards getting ICT back on the agenda; and secondly, to secure an understanding of reasonable carbon reporting, measuring and monitoring emissions for ICT products and services. A FOCUS ON ICT-DRIVEN SUSTAINABILITY GeSI members benefit from the association either by being active in working groups, projects, studies and position papers; or by participating in constitutional meetings such as board meetings and semi-annual general assemblies. While other trade organisations offer their unique advantages, and GeSI partners with several of them GeSI is the only global association dedicated to helping its members provide ICT-driven sustainable solutions. Together, the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI) members continue to drive their vision of how the ICT industry can create a more sustainable society. Author Luis Neves was appointed Head of Sustainable Development and Environment at Deutsche Telekom Corporate Responsibility and as from December 1st 2008 he holds the position Vice-President Corporate Responsibility. Luis is member of the ETNO Sustainable Working Group. In March 2006 he was elected Chairperson of GESI, the Global e-Sustainable Initiative. In August 2008 he was reelected for a second term of office. Luis has been playing a fundamental role in promoting the role of ICT in relation to Climate Change. Organisation The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is an international strategic partnership of ICT companies and industry associations committed to creating and promoting technologies and practices that foster economic, environmental and social sustainability, and drive economic growth and productivity. Formed in 2001, GeSI fosters global and open co-operation, informs the public of its members’ voluntary actions to improve their sustainability performance and promotes technologies that foster sustainable development. Current members of GeSI include: Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Belgacom, Bell Canada, BT, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, European Telecommunication Network Operators Association (ETNO), France Telecom, HP, Huawei, KPN, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, RIM, Sprint, Sun Microsystems, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Verizon and Vodafone. Associate members are the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). GeSI partners with three organisations: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Enquiries GeSI Secretariat c/o Scotland House Rond Point Schuman 6 B-1040 Brussels Belgium Tel: +32 2 282 84 42 | Fax: +32 2 282 84 14 Email:, Website: VISIT: WWW.CLIMATEACTIONPROGRAMME.ORG

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